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Scholarships and Funding


Scholarships and Funding Opportunities

Some scholarships and funding sources are available for the PhD programme and we would encourage you to apply for available opportunities. The main sources of funding are listed below:

These studentships include payment of fees and a maintenance award for eligible students. All economics students are eligible to apply for these awards. Economics has been identified as a subject, to which it is difficult to recruit, so some awards can be allocated to International students. EU students who do not meet the eligibility requirements for a full award, may be eligible for a fees only award. If you are successful in winning a fees only award, the department will increase your departmental studentship to the standard RCUK rate.

ESRC awards can be made for 3 years, 3.5 years or 4 years. We advise our students to apply for a +3 award (3 years) as all training required for you to successfully undertake a PhD Economics will have been covered in the MRes part of your course.

Learn more about the ESRC DTP here.

The Chancellors International Awards

The University of Warwick is committed to being able to ensure as many academically outstanding students as possible from around the world are able to study here. Find out more about it here.

The EU Chancellors Awards

There are 10 scholarships available to be awarded to the most outstanding PhD applicants, who have been accessed as eligible for EU fees. Find out more here

Alan Turing Institute (ATI)

The ATI offers a number of places each year to graduate students to complete a PhD through the Institute and one of its partner universities (Warwick is a partner university). Further information is available here.

Additional Scholarship Opportunities

Bank of Italy (New) - each year the Bank of Italy offers a number of scholarships for students wishing to undertake further study in specific economic-related fields. Find out more about them here. Students of any origin can apply, but they need to have obtained a Laurea from an Italian institution.

UniCredit & Universities (New) - Numerous scholarships are granted by UniCredit & Universities in economics, banking and/or finance to students wishing to pursue a Master's degree or PhD abroad. Learn more about these opportunities on their Scholarships webpage. Requirements depend on the scholarship.For the Marco Fanno, students of any origin can apply, but they need to have obtained a Laurea from an Italian institution.

Einaudi Foundation scholarships (New) - The Einaudi Foundation will assign 11 scholarships for young post-graduates and PhDs for academic year 2018/19. Find out more and how to apply here. Open also to non-Italian students.