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Financial Regulations & Procedures

The Financial Regulations and Procedures have been in place since 2008, but were refreshed with effect from 1 June 2012. The Financial Regulations contain broad principles whilst the Financial Procedures contain the detailed processes.
The purpose of these Financial Regulations is to provide control over the totality of the University’s resources and provide the University with an appropriate financial regulatory framework which ensures that resources are used with due regard to propriety, regularity and value for money in the context of the achievement of the University’s strategic plan.
It is important that anyone with a contractual relationship with the University (this includes all employees and honorary staff) are aware of and abide by the Financial Regulations and Procedures.

Support and Training

The following Finance Office skills sessions are aimed at staff new to the University or new to a finance/administration role, FinRegs Champions and existing staff who would like to undertake a refresher. Click on the topic links below for further course details along with the latest presentations and supporting documents.

Financial Regulations Champions

Each Department has a nominated ‘Financial Regulations Champion’ who is responsible for disseminating information and providing advice and guidance on the Financial Regulations and Procedures.
If you have any questions relating to the regulations or procedures, or require FinRegs approval, please contact your Departmental Administrator or Finance Team, your Departmental FinRegs Champion or your Central Finance Contact.
The opens in a new window email address should only be used by FinRegs Champions to request any approvals, or to make any disclosures under the Financial Procedures.
Information required when submitting some of the more common approval requests is found here.
It is our expectation that the vast majority of requests can be dealt with directly by departments, and that if assistance is required in order to submit this request this should be obtained from your departments Central Finance Contact in the first instance, or from the Procurement & Insurance Office or Payroll Office for purchasing or expenses queries respectively. Only unusual cases will need special consideration by the Finance Office, via