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Introductory Lectures:  
Oded Galor (Brown)

Growth and Comparative Development - An Overview

Unified Growth Theory

Geography and Comparative Development

Genetic Diversity and Comparative Development

Stelios Michalopoulos (Brown)

Incorporating GIS in the Comparative Economic Inquiry: Part I & Part II

Invited Sessions:  
Sascha Becker (University of Warwick) Political Regimes and Individual Preferences
Carl-Johan Dalgaard (University of Copenhagen) Eye Disease, the Fertility Decline, and the Emergence of Global income differences
James Fenske (University of Oxford) Warfare in African History
Moshe Hazan (Tel-Aviv University) Higher Inequality, Higher Education? The Changing Role of Differential Fertility
Omer Moav (University of Warwick) Geography, Transparency, and Institutions
Luigi Pascali (University of Warwick) The Wind of Change: Maritime Technology, Trade and Economic Development
Contributed Sessions  
Sumedha Bajar (Institute for Social and Economic Change) The Infrastructure - Output Nexus: Regional Experience from India
Mauro Bambi (University of York) Endogenous Growth and Wave-Like Business Fluctuations
Richard Bluhm (Maastricht University / UNU-MERIT) Do Weak Institutions Prolong Crises? On the identification, characteristics, and duration of declines during economic slumps
Malik Curuk (Tilburg University) Protestantism as a Rational Choice
Markus Eberhardt (University of Nottingham) Agricultural Technology and Structural Change
Joseph Flavian Gomes (University of Essex) The Health Costs of Ethnic Distance: Evidence from Sub-Saharan Africa
Boris Gershman (American University) Witchcraft Beliefs and the Erosion of Trust: Evidence from Sub-Saharan Africa
Christian Jensen (University of South Carolina) Competition as an Engine of Economic Growth with Producer Heterogeneity
Ori Katz Tel-Aviv University Economic Mobility and the Sorting Hypothesis
Birgit Kirschbaum (University of Greifswald) Trade in a two sector endogenous growth model with two accumulating factors
Marc Klemp (Copenhagen University / Brown University) The Biocultural Origins of Human Capital Formation
Theodore Koutmeridis (University of St Andrews) The Market for "Rough Diamonds": Information, Finance and Wage Inequality
Astrid Krenz (University of Goettingen) Agglomeration of Knowledge: A Regional Economic Analysis for the German Economy
Anjan Kumar Saha (Monash University) Genetic Distance, Economic Growth and Top Income Shares
Eliana Lauretta (University of Birmigham / Catholic University of the Sacred Heart of Milan) Finance And Growth: Understanding The Switch From Virtuous To Bad Cycles In The Finance-Growth Relationship
Dunli Li (Queen's University Belfast) The Impact of Entrepreneurship on Schumpeterian Endogenous Growth: Theory and Evidence
Anastasia Litina (University of Luxembourg) Witchcraft Beliefs and the Erosion of Trust: Evidence from Sub-Saharan Africa
Vincenzo Lombardo (University of Naples Parthenope) The Biocultural Origins of Human Capital Formation
Fabrice Murtin (OECD) Unified Growth Empirics
Guzman Ourens (Université catholique de Louvain) The long-term impact of trade in an asymmetric world
Oguz Oztunali (Bogazici University) Directed Technical Change and Government Policy
Timur Natkhov (Higher School of Economics) Colonization, Social Structure and Development: The Long-term Effect of Russian Settlement in the North Caucasus, 1890s-2000s
Pierre Pecher (Université Catholique de Louvain) The impact of the number of included ethnic groups on economic growth in weakly-institutionalized power-sharing economies.
María Pilar (Martínez-García University of Murcia) Less than exponential growth with non-constant discounting
William Pouliot (University of Birmingham) Pollution, Mortality and Optimal Environmental Policy
Luca Spinesi (University of Rome) At the Onset of the Original Capital Accumulation
Aleksandar Vasilev (American University in Bulgaria) The welfare effect of flat income tax reform: the case of Bulgaria
Hosny Zoabi (The New Economic School) Retirement Age across Countries: The Role of Occupations
Yasin Acar (University of Warwick)  
Christine Achieng Awiti (Johannes Gutenberg University of Mainz)  
Anne Sofie Beck Knudsen (University of Copenhagen)  
David Castells-Quintana (University of Barcelona)  
David Chivers (University of Manchester)  
Bohdana Dub (Dnipropetrovsk State Academy of Finance)  
Juan-Pedro Garces-Voisenat (Durham University)  
Corina Gribincea (National Institute for Economic Research of Academy of Science from Moldova)  
Rania Ihab Naguib (University of Plymouth)  
Irina Kholodenko (University of Warwick)  
Nika Koreli (University of Warwick)  
Joan Jennifer Martínez Palomino (University of the Pacific Research Centre)  
Sebastian Otten (Ruhr University Bochum)  
Mauro Rota (University of Rome)  
Cristina Ruiz Bedia (University of Cantabria)  
Shrabani Saha (University of Lincoln)  
Ruth Maria Schueler (Ifo Institute)  
Mehdi Senouci (Ecole Centrale Paris)  
Arthur Silve (Paris School of Economics and Sciences Po)  
Chrysovalantis Vasilakis (University of Warwick)  
Fangya Xu (Plymouth Business School)  
Yi Zhou (Department of Demography, UC Berkeley)