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Cecilia Lanata-Briones

Curriculum Vitae

Contact details

Telephone: +44 (0)24 765 74846

Email: Cecilia dot Lanata-Briones at warwick dot ac dot uk

Room: S0.60

Advice & feedback hours:

Click on the links below to book a slot.

Online Monday 2pm to 3pm (London time)

In Person with online option Monday 12pm to 1pm (London time)

RAE students only

Online Tuesday 9am to 10am (London time)

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Senior Teaching Fellow

Research Interests

  • Economic History
  • Historical production and use of quantitative knowledge
  • History of Economic Thought
  • Economic Development
  • Macroeconomics


EC104 The World Economy: History and Theory (terms 1 & 2)

EC108 Macroeconomics 1 (term 1)

EC204 Economics 2 (term 2)

EC331 Research in Applied Economics (terms 1 & 2)

EC342 Topics in Economic History (term 2)


Journal Articles

Lanata Briones, C.T. (2021) Constructing cost of living indices: ideas and individuals, Argentina, 1918-1935. History of Political Economy, 53(1), pp. 57-87.

Lanata Briones, C.T. (2020). De-construyendo, construyendo y re-construyendo estadísticas: El índice del costo de la vida, Argentina 1933-1943. Anuario IEHS, 35 (2), pp. 67-99.

Lanata Briones, C.T. (2020). Una nueva estimación del índice del costo de la vida, Argentina 1912-1932. Boletín del Instituto de Historia Argentina y Americana Dr Emilio Ravignani, 53 (2), pp. 64-92.

Daniel, C. and Lanata Briones, C.T. (2019). Battles over numbers: the case of the Argentine consumer price index (2007-2015). Economy and Society, 48(1), pp. 127-151.

Lanata Briones, C.T. and González Bollo, H. (2017). Unwinding the winding trajectory: the divergence between national accounts and state planning, Argentina 1937-1948. Histoire & Mesure, 32(1), pp. 161-190.

Lanata Briones, C.T. (2012). Methodological revision of the cost of living index of the city of Buenos Aires, 1933-1945. Estatística e Sociedade, 2, pp. 24-41.

Book Chapters

Lanata Briones, C.T. and Lo Vuolo, R.M. (2016). Crecimiento durante los años de la post-Convertibilidad en Argentina: Límites y dinámicas de largo plazo, 1960–2008. In C. Levey, D. Ozarow and C. Wylde, eds., De la crisis del 2001 al Kirchnerismo: Cambios y continuidades, Buenos Aires: Prometeo, pp. 73-96.

Lanata Briones, C.T. and Lo Vuolo, R.M. (2014). Post-Convertibility growth in Argentina: long term dynamics and limits, 1960-2008. In C. Levey, D. Ozarow and C. Wylde, eds., Argentina Since the 2001 Crisis: Recovering the Past, Reclaiming the Future, New York: Palgrave, pp. 45-86.

Working Papers

Gazeley, I., Holmes, R., Lanata Briones, C., Newell, A.T., Reynolds, K. and Rufrancos, H. (2018). Latin American Household Budget Surveys 1913-1970 and What They Tell Us about Economic Inequality among Households. IZA Discussion Paper No. 11430

Lanata Briones, C.T. and Lo Vuolo, R.M. (2011). Regímenes de acumulación, cambios estructurales y límites al crecimiento económico en la Argentina de la post-Convertibilidad. Documentos de Trabajo Ciepp, 81.

Lo Vuolo, R.M. and Lanata Briones, C.T. (2008). El proceso de ahorro-inversión en la Argentina. Documentos de Trabajo Ciepp, 63.