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Nicholas Jackson

Nicholas Jackson 
Curriculum Vitae

Contact details


Email: Nicholas dot Jackson at warwick dot ac dot uk

Room: S0.84 (Economics), B0.09 (Maths)

Advice & feedback hours: Monday 11am (online), Thursday 2pm (B0.09) - book here or by email.

Maths help drop-in sessions: Monday 10am, Friday 2pm. Via Microsoft Teams - no booking necessary.

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Senior Teaching Fellow

I am an Assistant Professor based partly in Economics and partly in Mathematics. My academic background is in mathematics and my main research interests are in algebra and topology: I completed my PhD in 2004 at Warwick, studying category theory, homological algebra and knot theory. I am currently module leader for EC119 Mathematical Analysis, EC133 Linear Algebra and MA249 Algebra II, a module leader for the MSc introductory maths module, and I help run the Personal Development Module. I am a member of the London Mathematical Society, and a fellow of the Warwick International Higher Education Academy the Warwick Institute for Engagement and the Higher Education Academy.

Research Interests

  • Geometric and algebraic topology, knot theory
  • Homological algebra, category theory

Journal Publications

  • N J Jackson, Extensions of racks and quandles, Homology, Homotopy and Applications 7:1 (2005) 151–167, arXiv:math.CT/0408040
  • N J Jackson, Rack and quandle homology, preprint (2004) arXiv:math.CT/0411055
  • S K Friedl, N J Jackson, Approximations to the volume of hyperbolic knots, from "Twisted topological invariants and topology of low-dimensional manifolds" (editor T Morifuji), RIMS Kôyûroku 1747 (2011) 35–46 arXiv:1102.3742
  • N M Dunfield, S K Friedl, N J Jackson, Twisted Alexander polynomials of hyperbolic knots, Experimental Mathematics 21:4 (2012) 329–352 arXiv:1108.3045
  • N J Jackson, C G Johnson, Evolution of unknotting strategies for knots and braids, Proceedings of the 1st Symposium on Nature Inspired Computing, AISB/IACAP World Congress (2012) arXiv:1302.0787