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Contract, Business and Commercial Law

The School of Law has a number of scholars carrying out research in these areas. Hugh Beale’s research interests are in contract (including European contract law) and commercial law, and he is currently involved in the preparation of a draft Common Frame of Reference as part of the European Commission's Action Plan of a European Contract Law.

Previous Cluster talks

1 February 2013 - 'Introduction to Estonian Contract Law', Irene Kull, University of Tartu

2 February 2013 - 'To withdraw or not to withdraw? ...from the mandatory right of withdrawal in consumer distance selling contracts taking into account its behavioural effects on consumers', Dr Joasia Luzak, Centre for the Study of Contract Law, University of Amsterdam

30 April 2012 - 'An Introduction to CESL', Hugh Beale, University of Warwick

Charlotte Woodhead has an interest in the concept of unfair terms and exclusion clauses within contract law. She co-edited the Chapter on Unfair terms in the 3rd edition of Palmer on Bailment.
Christopher Bisping’s research focusses on English and European contract and commercial law, often from a comparative perspective, and on the conflict of laws. He has most recently written on conflict of laws issues of the proposed Common European Sales Law (62 [2013] ICLQ 463-83) and has commented on the scope of the proposed instrument (34 (2013) Business Law Review 66-69). Prior to joining Warwick, Christopher was a lecturer at the University of Leicester and a research fellow at the Max-Planck Institute for foreign and international private law and comparative law in Hamburg, Germany. Christopher is willing to supervise Masters dissertations and PhD theses in the areas of his research. He is currently working on a monograph researching the role of state interests in the EU and US conflict of laws.
Kathryn McMahon researches and publishes in the areas of European Union, comparative and international competition law, economic regulation and communications law.
Dalvinder Singh has researched, written and presented on a variety of matters namely the structure of regulation and supervision, risk-based system of supervision, legal accountability of regulators, corporate governance, enforcement sanctions, deposit insurance and the use of external auditors.
John Snape has an interest in the taxation of corporate finance, and his book, The Political Economy of Corporation Tax, which was published by Hart in 2011.