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Dr John Gough's involvement in a project on the role of parents in providing careers guidance

The Gatsby Foundation and the JP Morgan Chase Foundation are supporting the Institute for Employment Research at the University of Warwick to undertake research to understand how parents and carers can be better supported by schools and colleges to feel more informed and confident with the advice they give to their children. Dr John Gough from our Careers team has been involved in the research project on 'The role of parents in providing careers guidance and how they can be better supported.'

You can read the report findings along with the recording of a live webinar explaining more about the project here.

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Creating sustainable communities: a place-based approach to housing retrofitting

Local artists, schoolchildren and their families in Radford, members of Coventry City Council and University of Warwick researchers have teamed up for a unique project to explore what puts people off making their homes more energy efficient.

Dr Lory Barile from the Department of Economics at the University worked with creative partners and experts in Net Zero to develop a series of lessons and practical activities for pupils at St. Augustine’s Catholic Primary School, Radford.

The children carried out science experiments to test out the insulation properties of different materials and built models of houses showing what they could do to make their homes more energy efficient to provide affordable warmth whilst helping to tackle global warming.

Parents and guardians then attended a showcase of their children’s work and their model houses. This provided a relaxed forum to discuss how homes can be better insulated, and what help is available from Coventry council for local residents.

Dr Barile explained: “Coventry has one of the highest levels of fuel poverty in the UK. In some areas of the city half of the households are in fuel poverty – that is, they need to spend at least 10% of their household income on keeping warm.

“If we can find more effective ways of speaking with residents about retrofit measures, we will make a big contribution to the success of Coventry’s net zero agenda.”

The objective of the project was to increase awareness of retrofit measures – such as double-glazing or cavity wall insulation - and to understand barriers to engagement with schemes designed to improve residents’ house energy efficiency.

Dr Barlie explained: “My project uses elements of a method called design thinking, and engages children in creative and interactive activities to help kick-start conversations with Radford’s adult householders.

By embracing creativity, we hope that this pilot study will be a catalyst for change and inspire other residents in Coventry to increase their take up of government schemes aimed at creating healthy homes, reducing carbon emissions, energy bills, and fuel poverty.

“We also hope that the project will improve the way the council engages with the needs and aspirations of the local community.

“We are now working on creating an online teaching pack that all schools across the City will be able to use to raise the awareness of children and families about domestic energy efficiency.”

Bret Willers, Head of Sustainability & Climate Change at Coventry City Council said: “This pilot project has been very successful in raising people’s awareness as to how to better insulate their homes and how to access free funding to improve energy efficiency.

“We hope that this pilot will contribute to increase the take up of schemes available to households to meet the City’s commitment to tackling climate change and addressing fuel poverty.”

The workshops, facilitated by Warwick researchers, members of the Council, student ambassadors, teachers, and local artists, included an interactive workshop on energy conservation, 3D models of energy efficient homes, and a final celebratory event with adults engaged in discussions on barriers to housing retrofitting, where children’s work and learning was also showcased. Parents turnout was extremely high, highlighting the potential of using similar approaches to work with local communities and address the challenges of climate change.

The information gathered from these workshops has informed the development of a survey that has been distributed to all parents in the school and will guide future iterations of the methodology in areas of Coventry where engagement with retrofit measures is particularly low.

The survey is available here. Coventry residents are invited to fill it in and enter a draw for one of three £50 Love2shop vouchers.

Tue 21 May 2024, 14:44 | Tags: Featured Promoted homepage-news Research

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Your chance to inform UK Government research and innovation policies and funding decisions

The Department for Business, Energy and Industrial Strategy (BEIS) has launched the first government survey of the UK-wide research and innovation workforce.

We ask anyone in the diverse occupations that are vital to innovation and research in the UK to complete it to offer better data for policy decisions that impact this whole workforce.

Find out more about the short survey and complete it online here.

Fri 04 Mar 2022, 15:34 | Tags: Research, innnovation

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Dr Hyo Yoon Kang awarded the British Academy Mid-Career Fellowship

We are thrilled to share that Dr Hyo Yoon Kang, Reader/Associate Professor at Warwick Law School has been awarded the British Academy Mid-Career Fellowship for the next academic year.

Fri 12 Apr 2024, 13:00 | Tags: Award, Research, Staff in action

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Forecasting the Mexican Presidential Election

While at CIDE in Mexico, Andreas Murr has been developing election forecasts for the upcoming Mexican presidential election on 2 June. In two blog posts written together with Mike Lewis-Beck he describes what citizens as well as other approaches forecast.

Tue 28 May 2024, 10:12 | Tags: Staff Impact PhD Postgraduate Undergraduate Research

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We were never supposed to see our own faces this much

With increased use of front-facing cameras, mirrors and Zoom calls, we’re being faced with our own reflections more than ever before.

Is it heightening our preoccupation with the way we look?

Warwick’s Professor Heather Widdows (Philosophy) spoke to Dazed Digital about how our sense of self has changed in recent years

Mon 25 Sep 2023, 13:32 | Tags: Home Page Research Staff

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Leverhulme Early Career Fellowships 2024

Leverhulme Early Career Fellowships aim to provide career development opportunities for those who are at a relatively early stage of their academic careers, but who have a proven record of research. The expectation is that Fellows should undertake a significant piece of publishable work during their tenure, and that the Fellowships should lead to a more permanent academic position, either within the same or another institution. Approximately 145 Fellowships will be available in 2024. Fellowships can be held at universities or at other institutions of higher education in the UK. Full details of the scheme, funding and eligibility are available on the Leverhulme websiteLink opens in a new window.

The closing date for applications to Leverhulme is 22 February 2024 at 4pm, with decisions released in May.

Sociology is inviting applications from suitably qualified candidates and up to three applicants will be selected for departmental support through a competitive selection process.

The procedure is as follows:

  1. Expressions of interest in the scheme should be sent by email to Amy Clarke at by 12noon on Monday 4th December. 
  2. All expressions of interest should include the following materials:
  1. An outline project proposal (2 pages maximum)
  2. An academic CV
  3. An email or letter confirming support for your application from your chosen mentor in Sociology (who must be a permanent member of staff).
  • All submissions received by the deadline and meeting these requirements will be reviewed by the Department Selection Panel.
  • The criteria for selection are:
  • Research track-record of nominee
  • Quality of proposed research to be conducted while at Warwick
  • Fit with the mentor and the strength of their support
  • Fit with broader aims of the Leverhulme competition.

5. Decisions will be reported back to applicants by 12 January 2024.

6. Successful applicants will receive feedback and administrative support from the Department and University prior to the Leverhulme deadline on 23 February 2024.

Queries about the scheme or process should be sent to Professor Goldie Osuri (Director of Research & Impact) at

Useful Links:

Scheme overviewLink opens in a new windowLink opens in a new window

Key Dates:

Deadline for Expressions of Interest: 12noon on Monday 04th December 2023

Leverhulme Deadline: 4pm on 22 February 2024

Thu 02 Nov 2023, 14:09 | Tags: Research

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