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Can good work solve the productivity puzzle?

productivityOver the past six months a team from IER led by Chris Warhurst and Derek Bosworth have been constructing and analysing data on the relationship between good work and productivity in the UK. Some of this work was published in a new report by the Carnegie UK Trust and launched at the RSA in London in January.

To download the report, click here.

Wed 22 Jan 2020, 12:11 | Tags: job quality, productivity

New report from IER on European working conditions

tube bender

Eurofound has published a new report on Upward Convergence in Working Conditions in Europe. The project was led by IER (Prof. Chris Warhurst and Dr Sally Wright) and included colleagues from the University of Salamanca led by Prof. Rafa Munoz de Bustillo Llorente.

The research found upward convergence has occurred for the EU as a whole for six of the seven dimensions of working conditions: physical environment, work intensity, working time, social environment, skills and discretion, prospects and earnings. However country differences exist within the EU.

Wed 22 Jan 2020, 11:49 | Tags: Europe, working conditions

Professional identity transformation: supporting career and employment practitioners at a distance

e-learningThe need for countries to provide appropriate support to all individuals making labour market transitions into, and through, volatile and complex labour markets is uncontroversial.

What is controversial is, despite this, that the professional identity of career counselling and employment practitioners across Europe remains somewhat fragile, partly because of the need to balance tensions around funding targets and reducing unemployment, with the individual needs of clients.

Maintaining professionalism can similarly prove challenging because time poor practitioners find it difficult to update their learning needs, continually, in the face of operational pressures, placing at risk their ability to familiarise themselves with new theories, research and ways of working.

This article by IER’s Jenny Bimrose and Alan Brown examined how career guidance counselling and employment practitioners can be supported at a distance using technology, to facilitate their professional identify transformation. Drawing on empirical results of European research (2014 – 2018), the article presents findings from an international online learning course designed to support practitioners’ professional identity across Europe and discusses the implications for practice.

Fifty free downloads are available here.

Mon 13 Jan 2020, 19:32 | Tags: distance learning, career practitioner

Job quality network meeting at IER

qualityOn 19th December 2019 IER hosts the latest meeting of the Working Life Engagement and Improvement Group' (WLEIG). The Group is a network of researchers and practitioners interested in job quality. Its aim is to improve the quality of working life in relation both to policy and practice within organizations.

The meeting is from 11.00am to 1.30pm and newcomers are welcome to participate. For details, please contact Amanda Kerry:

Sat 14 Dec 2019, 14:19 | Tags: job quality

Peter Elias elected to the Council of the Royal Statistical Society

Peter EliasProfessor Peter Elias, CBE, was elected to the Council of the Royal Statistical Society in November, serving as a member for a four year period.

Earlier this year he has been conferred as Fellow of the Academy of Social Sciences.

Sat 14 Dec 2019, 14:14 | Tags: honour

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