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Dr John Gough's involvement in a project on the role of parents in providing careers guidance

The Gatsby Foundation and the JP Morgan Chase Foundation are supporting the Institute for Employment Research at the University of Warwick to undertake research to understand how parents and carers can be better supported by schools and colleges to feel more informed and confident with the advice they give to their children. Dr John Gough from our Careers team has been involved in the research project on 'The role of parents in providing careers guidance and how they can be better supported.'

You can read the report findings along with the recording of a live webinar explaining more about the project here.

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What is the personnel policy of Sponsor-led academies? Does it help explain their effectiveness at improving student performance?

Low-performing, disadvantaged schools notoriously struggle to attract and retain high-quality teachers.

In England, since the beginning of the 2000s, the management of low-performing, state secondary schools has been transferred from the local authority to external organizations, including educational charities and businesses.

A consolidated literature shows that Sponsor-led academies - as schools experiencing this management takeover are defined - have been successful at improving student performance and educational attainment, but little is known about the mechanisms explaining this success.

A new report, Sponsor-led Academies and the Teacher Labour Market, presents initial findings from a study funded by the Nuffield Foundation and led by Professor Victor Lavy investigating the impact of Sponsor-led takeovers on teacher turnover, composition and pay.

The study found:

  • Sponsor-led academies typically appoint a new headteacher upon conversion.
  • The new head is, on average, better paid and more likely to have come from an OFSTED-graded “outstanding” school than their predecessor
  • Older (lower-achieving) teachers tend to leave the school before (after) the conversion.
  • After the takeover, teacher turnover declines, while new teachers joining the Sponsor-led school are more likely to come from outstanding schools.
  • Sponsors typically restructure teacher pay scheme, abandoning a pay scale entirely based on seniority.

To find out more about this piece of research, please, read the non-technical report, available here, or the academic paper, available here.


The Nuffield Foundation is an independent charitable trust with a mission to advance social well-being. It funds research that informs social policy, primarily in Education, Welfare and Justice. The Nuffield Foundation is the founder and co-funder of the Nuffield Council on Bioethics, the Ada Lovelace Institute and the Nuffield Family Justice Observatory. The Foundation has funded this project, but the views expressed are those of the authors and not necessarily the Foundation.

Tue 25 Jun 2024, 13:47 | Tags: Department, Research

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Your chance to inform UK Government research and innovation policies and funding decisions

The Department for Business, Energy and Industrial Strategy (BEIS) has launched the first government survey of the UK-wide research and innovation workforce.

We ask anyone in the diverse occupations that are vital to innovation and research in the UK to complete it to offer better data for policy decisions that impact this whole workforce.

Find out more about the short survey and complete it online here.

Fri 04 Mar 2022, 15:34 | Tags: Research, innnovation

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Professor Celine Tan leads project on just energy transitions

A research team led by Professor Celine Tan from Warwick Law School has secured an award from the British Academy ODA Challenge-Oriented Research Grants programme 2024 to investigate the financing of just energy transitions in developing countries.

Tue 23 Jul 2024, 15:00 | Tags: Award, Research, Staff in action

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Multiple prizes for PAIS in the British International Studies Association Awards

PAIS has secured a number of prizes from the British International Studies Association (BISA). At a ceremony held at the BISA conference in Birmingham on 6th July, the following prizes were awarded:

Early Career Excellence in Teaching International Studies Prize – Dr Akinyemi Oyawale

New Voices in Cultural Relations Prize (awarded by BISA and the British Council for best Masters dissertation in International Studies) – Louise Sherry, MA in International Relations 2022/3

Equality Diversity and Inclusion Prize – Prof. Vicki Squire

L.H.M. Ling Outstanding First Book Prize– honourable mention to Seb Rumsby former PhD student/postdoctoral fellow in PAIS

Wed 26 Jun 2024, 09:12 | Tags: Staff PhD Postgraduate Undergraduate Research

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British Academy Postdoctoral Fellowship 2024

The British Academy is inviting proposals from early career researchers in the humanities and social sciences wishing to pursue an independent research project, towards the completion of a significant piece of publishable research.

Applicants must be researchers from the humanities and social sciences and be based at an eligible university or research organisation for the duration of the Fellowship.

Applicants must be of Early Career Status, meaning they must apply within three years from the date of their successful viva voce examination. For this round of competition, applicants are expected to have completed their viva voce between 1 April 2022 and 1 April 2025.

For more information and how to apply click hereLink opens in a new window

Mon 15 Jul 2024, 17:38 | Tags: Home Page Postgraduate Research Staff Funding

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Leverhulme Early Career Fellowships 2024

Leverhulme Early Career Fellowships aim to provide career development opportunities for those who are at a relatively early stage of their academic careers, but who have a proven record of research. The expectation is that Fellows should undertake a significant piece of publishable work during their tenure, and that the Fellowships should lead to a more permanent academic position, either within the same or another institution. Approximately 145 Fellowships will be available in 2024. Fellowships can be held at universities or at other institutions of higher education in the UK. Full details of the scheme, funding and eligibility are available on the Leverhulme websiteLink opens in a new window.

The closing date for applications to Leverhulme is 22 February 2024 at 4pm, with decisions released in May.

Sociology is inviting applications from suitably qualified candidates and up to three applicants will be selected for departmental support through a competitive selection process.

The procedure is as follows:

  1. Expressions of interest in the scheme should be sent by email to Amy Clarke at by 12noon on Monday 4th December. 
  2. All expressions of interest should include the following materials:
  1. An outline project proposal (2 pages maximum)
  2. An academic CV
  3. An email or letter confirming support for your application from your chosen mentor in Sociology (who must be a permanent member of staff).
  • All submissions received by the deadline and meeting these requirements will be reviewed by the Department Selection Panel.
  • The criteria for selection are:
  • Research track-record of nominee
  • Quality of proposed research to be conducted while at Warwick
  • Fit with the mentor and the strength of their support
  • Fit with broader aims of the Leverhulme competition.

5. Decisions will be reported back to applicants by 12 January 2024.

6. Successful applicants will receive feedback and administrative support from the Department and University prior to the Leverhulme deadline on 23 February 2024.

Queries about the scheme or process should be sent to Professor Goldie Osuri (Director of Research & Impact) at

Useful Links:

Scheme overviewLink opens in a new windowLink opens in a new window

Key Dates:

Deadline for Expressions of Interest: 12noon on Monday 04th December 2023

Leverhulme Deadline: 4pm on 22 February 2024

Thu 02 Nov 2023, 14:09 | Tags: Research

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