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Mauricio Palma-Gutiérrez


PhD Candidate

Office Hours 2022-2023
Friday 15:30 - 18:00
FAB - Ground Floor
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I joined PAIS in October 2019. Previously, I worked as a public policy adviser and researcher on security, human mobility and global institutions for over ten years, mostly in Colombia. I also taught various courses in International Studies at undergraduate and post-graduate levels during the same period, at the Del Rosario University (Bogotá). I completed an MSc in Global History at the London School of Economics (UK), an MA in Global Studies at the University of Leipzig (Germany), and a BA in International Relations at the Del Rosario University.

I am also a research assistant for the Latin America at Warwick Network (LAWN)Link opens in a new window 

Since 2022, I am one of the convenors of the Borders, Race, Ethnicity, and Migration Network (BREM)Link opens in a new window

During 2022, I was a research assistant for the Data and DisplacementLink opens in a new window project, co-funded by the Arts and Humanities Research Council and UKaid


My current research focuses on contested practices and changing conceptions of sovereignty in cross-border migration from Venezuela along the South American Andes. My supervisors are Vicki SquireLink opens in a new window and Tom LongLink opens in a new window.

I am interested in:

  • Human mobility across the Americas
  • Critical border and security studies
  • Global migration and displacement

Teaching at Warwick

During the 2022/2023 academic year I am an associate tutor for PO231 - International SecurityLink opens in a new window 

During the 2021/2022 academic year I was an associate tutor for PO231 - International Security and PO102 - Political Research in the 21st Century

During the 2020/2021 academic year I was an associate tutor for PO107 World Politics.

Other teaching

During the first semester of 2023 I am a lecturer in International Migration at the Faculty of Politics and International Studies at the Del Rosario University (Bogotá, Colombia)

Recent Publications

October 2022: (with Tom Long) "Performativity and Colombian Foreign Policy: A 'Good Member' of the Liberal International Order?" Desafíos. opens in a new window

May 2022: "Breaking the Encanto" (Review). Journal of Refugee Studies. opens in a new window

May 2021: "A Transitory Settlement on the way back to Venezuela: A tale of Vulnerability, Exception, and Migrant Resistance in times of Covid-19". REMHU: Revista Interdisciplinar da Mobilidade Humana, 29(61). opens in a new window 

April 2021: “The Politics of Generosity. Colombian Official Discourse towards Migration from Venezuela, 2015-2018”. Colombia Internacional, 106. opens in a new window

Other Publications

2017: (with Badrán, F.) Crimen transnacional organizado y utilitarismo sociológico: evidencia desde el tráfico de migrantes en Colombia. Oasis, 25.

2016: (Book chapter) Estados obstinados: ¿humanitarismo limitado? la migración por asilo como parte de las agendas de seguridad estatal y su choque con el régimen internacional de los derechos humanos. Full text: 

2015: ¿País de emigración, inmigración, tránsito y retorno? La formación de un sistema de migración colombiano. Oasis, 21.

2015: (Book chapter) Ascenso, proliferación, gestión y ¿control? Tráfico de migrantes a través de las fronteras de Colombia. Full text:

2014: (Book chapter with Zarama, F.) ¿Por qué se reactivan los conflictos luego de alcanzar un acuerdo? Alertas de la experiencia internacional para Colombia. Full text: 

2014: (Policy Paper) Tumaco: ¿Razones para la desesperanza? Full text:

More info: