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Course materials 2015/16

New Reading List Software – Talis Aspire

The Philosophy department is trialling the use of a new reading list software for 15/16. While we aim to make sure this list is up to date, it is a transitional year, and so the traditional static reading list on these pages may be more accurate. However, the reading list is also available at:

Lecture slides and recordings will appear on this page as the module progresses.

Seminar readings, essay questions, and some suggested further reading may be found here. Seminars start in week 2. Please make sure that you do the correct reading for the first seminar.

Most of the readings are readily available via the library, or in the recommended books. However, some of the readings are linked here, for ease of access.

Grice, H. P. "Meaning".

Neale, Stephen. "Paul Grice and the Philosophy of Language".

Schiffer, Stephen. Meaning, chapter 2.

Longworth, Guy. "Semantics and Pragmatics".

Davis, Wayne. "Implicature".


Lecture 1 ppt.

Lecture 1 recording.

Lecture 2 ppt.

Lecture 2 recording.

Lecture 3 ppt.

Lecture 3 recording.

Lecture 4 ppt.

Lecture 4 recording.

Lecture 5 ppt.

Lecture 5 recording.

Lecture 6 ppt.

Lecture 6 recording.

Lecture 7 ppt.

Lecture 7 recording.

Lecture 8 ppt.

Lecture 8 recording.

Lecture 9 ppt.

Lecture 9 recording.

Lecture 10 ppt.

Lecture 10 recording.