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Warwick Graduate Philosophy Conference 2011



This year's MindGrad conference will take place on the 3rd - 4th of December, at the University of Warwick, UK.

To register to attend the conference follow this link. The programme can be found here.

Keynote speakers are Prof. Michael Tye (University of Texas) and Dr. Lucy O'Brien (UCL).

Graduate speakers:

Craig French (UCL) - "Propositional Content and Propositional Seeing"

Nadja El Kassar (University of Potsdam) - "Primitive Normativity, Conceptual Capacities and Representational Content"

Bryony Pierce (University of Bristol) - "Is the function of consciousness to act as an interface?"

Alec Hinshelwood (Balliol College, Oxford) - "Hierarchical Accounts of Identification and Alienation"

Robyn Repko Waller (Florida State University) - "Beyond Button Presses: The Neuroscience of Free and Morally Appraisable Actions"

Felipe Carvalho (Institut Jean Nicod) - "Are There Olfactory Objects?"

We are grateful for support from the Mind Association and the Aristotelian Society.

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