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All talks will take place in the Zeeman Building.

Saturday 3rd December

9:00 Arrival and registration

9:25 Conference opens

9:30 Craig French (UCL): "Propositional Content and Propositional Seeing"
Response by Dr. Matt Soteriou

11:00 Coffee

11:15 Bryony Pierce (University of Bristol): "Is the Function of Consciousness to Act as an Interface?"
Response by Prof. Naomi Eilan

12:45 Lunch

13:45 Alec Hinshelwood (Balliol College, Oxford): "Hierarchical Accounts of Agency and Alienation"
Response by Dr. Constantine Sandis (Oxford Brookes)

15:15 Break

15:30 Prof. Michael Tye (University of Texas at Austin): (Pain Experiences and the Appearance/Reality Distinction)
Response by Juan Camilo Espejo-Serna

18:30 Conference dinner at Radcliffe building

Sunday 4th December

9:00 Open for arrivals

9:30 Robyn Waller (Florida State University): "Beyond Button Presses: The Neuroscience of Free Will"

Response by Dr. Johannes Roessler

11:00 Coffee

11:15 Nadja El Kassar (University of Potsdam): "Primitive Normativity, Conceptual Capacities and Representational Content"
Response by Prof. Naomi Eilan

12:45 Lunch

13:45 Felipe Carvalho (Institut Jean Nicod): "Are there Olfactory Objects?"
Response by Dr. Hemdat Lerman

15:15 Break

15:30 Dr. Lucy O'Brien (UCL): "Self-knowledge and Inner Voices"
Response by Barney Walker

17:00 Conference closes

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