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Please note: These slides must not be shared without the consent of the Speaker. The slides have been provided by the Speakers for the purpose of the Summer School and can only be used by the delegates to review.

Slides Tuesday 26th June 2018

Nick Powdthavee: An introduction to the Economics of Wellbeing

Carol Graham: Beyond GDP? What the New “Science” of Wellbeing Can Contribute to Economics and Policy

Andrew Oswald: New Ideas in Wellbeing Research

Ashley Whillans, IAREP/SABE Designated keynote speaker: Time and Money Tradeoffs

Slides Wednesday 27th June

Matthew Adler:The Ethics of Wellbeing

Paul Frijters: Wellbeing Cost-Effectiveness in the UK: Mental Health Policies

Carol Graham: Unequal Hopes, Lives, and Lifespans in the U.S.: Some Insights from the New Science of Wellbeing

Eugenio Proto: Historical Analysis of National Subjective Wellbeing Using Millions of Digitized Books

Slides Thursday 28th June

Ashley Whillans, IAREP/SABE Designated keynote speaker: Work and Wellbeing

Matthew Adler: Preferences for Happiness

Slides Friday 29th June

Gordon Brown: Income, Inequality, and Happiness: The Social Rank Hypothesis

Anke Plagnol: Behavioural Economics and Subjective Wellbeing

Alex Wood: How Much, When, and For Whom Does Income Matter For Happiness?