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You never know what someone's going through

Students on the Piazza

But thanks to you, we've offered a helping hand.

Every year at Warwick, donors support students in emergency need by donating to student hardship funds.

Last year you helped 48 students who found themselves in financial crisis and hardship. You helped them stay at Warwick and complete their course of study, no matter what they were facing, with emergency loans or grants.

Helping students through family difficulties

One student's parent was being held in police custody for a prolonged period of time with no resolution in sight. As the family's main breadwinner this was causing significant financial hardship, and when their spouse also lost their job the family struggled to support the student as well as their two younger siblings.

The student had to resort to loans from family to pay their student fees, and other loans from friends to pay for rent. They were put under mitigation for performance on the basis of their stress and anxiety. Although they were just about making ends meet through loans and sporadic employment the student was referred to us when an expected income payment was delayed until the end of the month.

Thanks to you, we were able to give them a grant of £450 to help pay their £340 rent, and help with living costs until they were paid at the end of the month.

Supporting students with unexpected bereavement

A postgraduate student from Africa was supported by a grant to visit their home this year. Tragically a close family relative was murdered but they couldn't afford to return home to see their family and support their relatives at this difficult time.

The student was in the final stages of their PhD and in receipt of an International Scholarship - their department praised them as an excellent student who was making very good progress in their studies. They had saved a small amount to support themselves during the writing up phase of their PhD but flights were prohibitively expensive. The inability to travel home was putting an enormous amount of additional stress and anxiety on this student, compromising their ability to study.

Thanks to you, we were able to provide a grant of £900 for a return flight to support the student through this intense time of grief, sorrow and anxiety.

Helping student parents make it through the month

An undergraduate student was struggling to support their family earlier this year. Their partner was made redundant and, whilst they have now secured a new position, the months in between had caused financial hardship for them and their children two children.

They needed emergency funds to pay for that month's rent, gas and electric bills but they were waiting on the outcome of applications for an emergency loan and Access to Learning funding.

In the meantime, thanks to you, we were able to loan £460 to cover their rent and utilities, which will be paid back in instalments.

Thank you to everyone who donates to make this funding like this possible! Donate online today!

Are you a student in search of emergency funding right now?

Help might be available, please talk to your personal tutor as soon as possible. Alternatively, you can find out more on our Student Funding pages.