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"Thank you for a challenge which changed my life"

Warwick in India is a small community project in Delhi, where students visit and teach a range of subjects, training local teachers too.
I think one of the biggest challenges was leaving my assumptions and preconceptions at the door when it came to trying out a new idea. A great reward from the project was witnessing first hand the improvements amongst the quality of teaching across the schools. My time in India reinforced in me how I want to work to improve children’s lives. From July, I will be working as a Children’s Social Worker.
Jasmine, Student Volunteer
Laksh has made me realise that the little things count. Although not a huge project, what it lacks in scale, it more than makes up for in terms of enthusiasm and commitment to its students. It’s influenced my future plans; I’m now going to study macroeconomic development in Economics and would like to pursue a career in international development. I cannot overstate how much the project has influenced my priorities and outlook on so many things in life, and I’m so grateful and thankful to everyone who’s made it possible.
Matt, Student Volunteer