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Thank you for helping us run a fantastic Malaysian night 2017!

Malaysian Night 2017

Every year, the Opportunity Fund shares out some special donations to help Warwick students enjoy and take part in extra-curricular activities. It means that every student has a chance to develop new skills, make new friendships, and enjoy the non-academic side of campus life.

Last year thanks to donations like yours, the Warwick Malaysian Students Association won an award of £490 to enhance their flagship event, Warwick Malaysian Night.

This annual cultural event helps the Malaysian society work together and feel a tight sense of community amongst themselves, but crucially also educates and entertains the wider non-Malaysian community at Warwick.

Meagan Soo from the society says:

“This year, we had 115 members playing different roles from scriptwriting, directing, acting, to performing traditional dances such as Chinese Fan dance and Dikir Barat.

Your funding helped us to introduce a brand new traditional element into our play: Wayang Kulit, a traditional form of shadow play. We used this to revive one of our forgotten Malaysian legends; the story of a maiden named Mahsuri.

The funding helped pay for materials like cloth, wood, and flashlights – we made the puppets ourselves. It brought in something fresh for everyone to learn from crafting to creation. The art of shadow play is not an easy feat because it requires such precision, but learning it boosted the whole team’s morale and set the bar very high for future nights.

We’d like to thank you for your support in helping us spread the colourful history and culture of Malaysia.”

Thank you to everyone who makes projects like this possible at Warwick!