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PEAPOD launched thanks to your donations

PEAPOD launch 2016

The PRiDE study will help predict and prevent diabetes

Dr Saravanan, of Warwick Medical School, runs the largest clinical study on Gestational Diabetes in the UK, known as the PRiDE study. Part of the study is to track babies born to mothers with Gestational Diabetes (GDM) and understand whether they are more likely to face Type II Diabetes than babies whose mother did not have GDM.

... we couldn't have done it without your help

To capture the exact bodily composition of these babies, we needed a special device known as a PEAPOD. The PEAPOD accurately measures the fat and water make up of the babies using air displacement- the baby is placed in the pod, and by measuring the air displaced from the pod, we can see the baby’s composition.

This device was generously funded by the WPH Charitable Trust, a local charity which supports medical research that benefits our local community in Coventry and Warwickshire, WM Clinical Research Network, and by our alumni and donors, who generously supported the device following a charity appeal last September.

Dr Saravanan (or Sara as he is known locally), was thrilled with the support. He says:

We are leading the world with this important study to understand how GDM impacts the babies in the longer term, and to be able to purchase this crucial piece of equipment has made the findings even more accurate.

The Midlands has the highest rates of Type II Diabetes in Europe, and it is a credit to WPH and Warwick’s alumni that they have come together to support this work.

The PEAPOD is now up and running thanks to donors like you.

A launch event was held on 30th June to celebrate the PEAPOD’s installation, attended by WPH trustees, Warwick graduates, and some very special babies who have taken part in the trial.

A very special 'thank you' to every person who gave a gift to this appeal!

Baby inside PEAPOD

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