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Thank you for making the Wind Orchestra tour accessible

Wind orchestra

Every year, the Warwick Opportunity Fund shares out some special donations to help Warwick students enjoy and take part in extra-curricular activities. It means that every student has a chance to develop new skills, make new friendships, and enjoy the non-academic side of campus life.

Last year thanks to donations like yours, the Wind Orchestra won an award of £1,000, letting every single member take part in their joint international tour to Vienna.

Wind Orchestra member Naomi South reports back:


“This summer, we took part in a joint international tour to Vienna during which we gave two major performances: an open-air performance at the Schoenbrunn Palace, and a full concert at the Votivkirche. Over the last year we raised almost all the money from ticket sales and fundraising to cover the costs of the trip, but we needed some extra funding and we are so grateful for the extra bursary from the Opportunity Fund.

Without your help, at least two members would not have been able to join us. You made sure that everyone could come along regardless of their financial background and additional needs. In particular, you funded the travel and accommodation costs for one of our members and her carers - she's one of our conductors, so we'd have been lost without her!

On behalf of everyone at Wind Orchestra, I’d like to thank you for your generous donations, which allowed us to provide a fully accessible tour for all our members. Vienna was beautiful and we all treasured this unique chance to travel to and around such an incredible place, and perform together there. We'll never forget the experience."

Thank you to everyone who opens opportunities up for every Warwick student like this!