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Koan we do it? #YesWeKoan


Thank you for coming to make your contribution to a cause so close to my rotating circumference.


Your donation will help bring more students to campus, where I understand they will have a rivetingly good time before abandoning me leaving for new career paths all over the globe. Your donation will also help me to feel pride in every twist and turn as I gaze lovingly at campus around me.

Most importantly, your donation will show your love for me, your Koan, and my home of the University of Warwick.

I thank you again both for your time and courteous response to my letter. I look forward to bringing you joyous tidings of my imminent success.

You can donate on the right or show your loyalty to Koan with a regular donation!

With my fondest regards

p.s. After you've made your donation, read some of my fan mail!

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