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My Fan Mail

Donation by Katharine on 21/06/2015

"I have to say, this really made me laugh, so thank you for that. I loved my time at Warwick, and enjoyed a relatively debt-free time. Thank you Koan for helping more students like me to enjoy your prominent and central role in campus life!"

Donation by Faye on 21/06/2015

"Good luck Koan, I hope you gain many new 'followers'!"

Donation by David on 22/06/2015

"What Koan I say? You'll always be a legend, and your letter was possibly the best thing (except for money) that has ever come in the post."

Donation by Liz on 22/06/2015

"Loved the memories you brought back Koan - as a 1980 graduate you were just a koanlet then but obviously just as important! I can only give a small donation as I am still supporting my own boys through Uni but I'm sure all those mathematicians around you will tell you it all adds up. I will come and say hello when I visit for the 50th Anniversary Celebrations in October."


Donation (anonymous) on 27/06/2015

"Keep rocking and rotating!"

Donation by Ola on 08/07/2015

"As a student currently dependent on the generosity of others, I realise how important it is to pay it forward when one #Koan. Good luck with the fundraising."

Donation by Androniki on 08/07/2015

"Koan, you are the symbol of some of the happiest years of my life. I hope that others in the future can feel the same way as I do."

Donation by Camilla on 08/07/2015

"May you always be a shining light for students ............ (when drunkenly trying to get back from the Students' Union to Tocil flats)"

Donation by Abi on 08/07/2015

"Quite possibly the best campaign I've ever seen (and I've been fundraising for much of my post-Warwick life!) On that note, who stole the time? Is it really 10, ahem almost 11, years since starting Uni?!"

Donation by Chantal on 09/07/2015


Donation by Crispin on 09/07/2015

"I hope that this contribution goes a small way to making sure more students witness the safe refuge of shopping trolleys on your pinnacle."

Donation by Emily on 10/07/2015

"This is a brilliant fundraising appeal that really made me laugh. I graduated from Warwick in 2003 and am now a professional fundraiser. I'm going to share your lovely letter with my colleagues, Koan, as a great example of a fundraising appeal! "


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