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Analytical Science event

Expanding industry’s networks of innovation

Warwick Industry Days, hosted by The University’s Industry Stakeholder Forum, are designed to bring the brightest minds from industry, academia, regional policymaking, and entrepreneurship together to network and spark innovation in processes and strategy. This meeting of minds allows the industry to highlight real-world, business-led challenges and Warwick to highlight how its facilities and research can be applied to these strategic imperatives.

Developing and enhancing new processes using analytical sciences

At the end of 2023, the Warwick Industry Day focused on how analytical sciences can be applied to innovate industry processes. The day showcased university-business partnerships that are creating new tools and techniques to enhance and develop products across industries as diverse as agriculture and pharmaceuticals. The day included updates from government agencies on regional opportunities and economic growth, tours of the University’s world-class facilities, and networking sessions, where different industry representatives shared and discussed topics of strategic importance.

Long-term partnerships

Industry leaders with an innovation mindset turn to the University of Warwick to help them bridge emerging gaps within their in-house facilities and resources. The University’s business-friendly culture and values, and track record of tackling the most pressing challenges faced by business, are the reasons that some collaborations and partnerships have continued for decades.

Industry Day 2024

Warwick will host the next Industry Day in November 2024, and the Industry Stakeholder Forum is looking to the industry for recommendations to help shape the event's focus.

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