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Independent Review into student disciplinary and appeal processes

We are improving how we handle student disciplinary and appeals processes following recommendations from an independent external review. On this page, you can read the review in full, along with our guiding principles, our vision and implementation plan that will address all the issues that have been raised, and updates against our implementation plan.

Update on progress against our implementation plan – 12 February 2020

Last year, the University committed to implementing in full the recommendations of Dr Sharon Persaud’s review of our student disciplinary and appeals processes (issued July 2019). Following an update at today’s Council meeting, we have published our second progress report focusing on phase 2 of implementation. 

Council was informed that implementation is on track, as the working group continues to engage with staff, students and the wider Warwick community to focus on delivering longer term and more complex actions. 

View the second progress report on the implementation plan here

View the implementation plan in full here

Previous Updates:

Update on progress against our implementation plan - 9 October 2019

We have published our first progress report highlighting measures taken to improve the handling of student disciplinary and appeals processes. This follows recommendations from the independent review published in July, led by Dr Sharon Persaud, which we committed to addressing in full.

View the October 2019 progress report on the implementation plan here

View the implementation plan in full here

10 July 2019: An open letter from the Vice-Chancellor, Stuart Croft

I am writing this letter to our University of Warwick community in my role as the Vice-Chancellor.

Many of you will be aware that, following the events surrounding the group chat in February this year, the University’s Council commissioned an independent external review into our student disciplinary and appeals processes, including those relating to sexual misconduct. The review was led by Dr Sharon Persaud, and today we are publishing her independent external review in full.

We accept the findings and recommendations made in the review. We made mistakes in our handling of the situation, including in how we communicated with the victims and with our community. We wholeheartedly apologise.

Everyone has the right to feel safe on campus. Sexual misconduct or harassment of any kind is completely unacceptable. The University has already taken action in some areas covered by the review’s recommendations, including to set up two specialist external investigators to support with disciplinary cases. We have also come together as a community to draw up a statement of principles which affirm our values here at Warwick, and we will be embedding these across the community so that everyone is clear what we stand for.

Today we are publishing an implementation plan alongside the full review report that sets out our priorities for this work, and we will be holding a series of sessions giving everyone the opportunity to get involved in this process.

We will report publicly on our progress, beginning in September 2019.

We have listened and reflected. We will now deliver on our commitments. We are determined that, by continuing to work together with our students, staff and wider Warwick community, we will build on the steps we have already taken and deliver our action plan which focuses upon developing pride and commitment to our values, greater transparency, and improved policies and processes.

I look forward to sharing our progress with you.

Best wishes,
Stuart Croft

The Review

In this section, you can read the independent external review in full. It is followed by our guiding principles, which set out the values that we stand for as the Warwick community. Our vision and implementation plan then explain how we will address the issues that have been raised in the independent review, and how we will work to embed the statement of principles.

  1. The independent external review and its recommendations
  2. Our guiding principles
  3. Our vision and implementation plan 

Further information:

A message from Warwick

Our message shares some reflections from those involved in events surrounding the group chat incident over the last few months – student representatives, Executive Council members and our Vice Chancellor.

Wellbeing Support Services

There is wellbeing resource available for all those affected by the recent events who would like support. This support is free, confidential, and open to all students and staff.

Find out more about support at Warwick:

Free confidential support is available for every member of our community

Support for students

Support for staff