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Ukraine: One Year On

One year on from the Russian invasion of Ukraine, watch a message from Stuart Croft, Vice-Chancellor, on our continued commitment to stand with Ukraine and support people directly impacted by the war.

Sharing experiences

Hear about the experiences of some of the Ukrainian people supported by staff and students at Warwick over the past year, and from those helping them.

17 Feb 2023

Elya Aliieva

Sanctuary scholar

“The Russians had escalated their attacks over the festive period. There was very little left of the Ukraine I knew.”

17 Feb 2023

Eldar Agayev

Warwick student

“I asked why she was awake. She replied, ‘I can hear explosions’”.

17 Feb 2023

Nataliya Pratsovyta

Research Fellow

“I’m using my time and the fantastic facilities here as best I can to support my people - this is my front line.”

14 Feb 2023

Yuliia Lysanets

Teaching Fellow

“Nobody thought that the war would last for a year, at first during the first weeks no one thought it would even last for months. Now all our thoughts and our hopes are with our military at the front line – it is pure hell.”

13 Feb 2023

Diana Shore

Assistant Professor at Warwick Manufacturing Group

“What has surfaced is how unprepared we are still for war in Europe, despite world wars within living memory. The unthinkable has happened again on our watch, and the people of Europe have been outstanding in their response.”


We continue to provide support for our staff and studentsLink opens in a new window. If you are affected in any way, please reach out.