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Dr Louise Davis on three-year project to analyse the impact of music on people with dementia

"As a GP and musician, I have noticed that patients with dementia are often able to sing a song perfectly, even when they have nearly lost the ability to talk. Music has a special place to play in the management of dementia, as those parts of the brain involved in music memory are not affected by the disease in the same way as the rest of the brain so, for those living with dementia, music has the potential to bring joy, reduce loneliness and stress.

In addition, music offers an essential means of communication and provides a chance for patients to share memories and process emotions with families and carers and has the power to improve health and enjoyment in life.

This proposed national centre of excellence for music and dementia in Greater Manchester marks a significant step in management of dementia and will deliver further research into the benefits of music and social prescribing in general."

- Dr Louise Davis, Associate Clinical Professor, Warwick Medical School

Wed 08 May 2024, 13:42 | Tags: WMS