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Okpabi judgment in the Supreme Court - expert comment

“Today’s Okpabi judgment is an important confirmation that there is no general principle that parent companies should be able to escape liability for the acts of their subsidiaries. Moreover, it strikes a blow against attempts to use pre-trial procedures to stifle meritorious litigation." Dr Stephen Connelly, Associate Professor in Warwick Law School and Co-Director of the Centre for Law, Regulation & Governance of the Global Economy, comments on the Supreme Court's decision.

Fri 12 Feb 2021, 13:07 | Tags: Expert comment, Law, GLOBE

Expert comment, COVID-19 Debt Relief for developing countries

"Still too little, too late and no urgency on expanded COVID-19 debt relief for developing countries" - As Zambia warns it is preparing for default on its external debts as a result of the pandemic, experts from the Centre for Law, Regulation and Governance of the Global Economy (GLOBE)at Warwick Law School comment on the latest G20 proposals.

Fri 16 Oct 2020, 09:54 | Tags: development, Expert comment, Law, Debt, GLOBE

World Bank President calls for the UK and US to make it harder for creditors to sue the poorest countries.

Speaking at the Frankfurt School of Finance and Management, World Bank Group President David Malpass urged the UK and the US to "do more to reconcile their public policies toward the poorest countries and their laws protecting the rights of creditors to demand repayments from these countries." Members of Warwick Law's GLOBE research group, who have proposed just such a legal reform for the UK, respond.