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Is the the EU a cause for "hope not fear"? Expert analysis on the trade options

As Boris Johnson attempts to reassure voters that the UK's split from the EU is a cause for "hope not fear" Dr Andreas Kokkinis, School of Law, highlights potential trade arrangments the UK may face post-Brexit.

Overseas deals post Brexit - expert comment

Theresa May will tell Japanese investors in Britain that she wants a Brexit transition deal as soon as possible, her spokesman told reporters today. It comes amid fresh debate among business over Brexit negotiations and it follows a government report that claims economic growth in the North East and West Midlands would suffer most. Dr. Andreas Kokkinis, Assistant Professor, School of Law discusses.

Thu 08 February 2018, 15:44 | Tags: Politics, News, Brexit, School of Law, Expert comment, Policy, Law

Will Albania move closer towards EU membership?

Dr Andi Hoxhaj of the University of Warwick's School of Law provides his analysis of Albania's upcming parliamentary election: "This election is an important test for Albania to show that the country is ready to move forward from a European Union candidate country to opening accession talks for EU membership."

Fri 23 June 2017, 13:07 | Tags: School of Law

'Joint enterprise' rejection confirms bizarre understanding by Supreme Court

"The decision made today to reject the ‘joint enterprise’ challenge to previous guilty verdicts only confirms the rather bizarre understanding put forward by the Supreme Court in Jogee, that previous convictions based on joint enterprise remain generally safe, despite the direct acknowledgement that they were based on an incorrect and admittedly unfair interpretation of the law." - Dr Henrique Carva

Mon 31 October 2016, 13:14 | Tags: School of Law