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Pregnant women a priority risk group for Covid-19 vaccination: expert comment

The Joint Committee on Vaccination and Immunisation has announced that pregnant women should be regarded as a clinical risk group and prioritised for vaccination against Covid-19. Dr Sarah Hillman of Warwick Medical School comments on why it's so important that pregnant women get vaccinated.

Thu 16 Dec 2021, 16:17 | Tags: Pregnancy, WMS, Research, Health and Medicine, Warwick Medical School

Cigarettes and stillbirth - why the smoking ban is good news

New research has found that stillbirths have dropped by almost 8% in England since the smoking ban was introduced. Sarah Stewart Brown, Professor in Public Health at the Univeristy of Warwick discusses the positive impact of the ban.


Thu 13 Aug 2015, 11:11 | Tags: Pregnancy, Children, WMS, Health, Expert comment, Health and Medicine

Low-risk pregnant women urged to avoid hospital births

Professor of Obstetrics, Siobhan Quenby shares her views on the new NHS guidelines released today for expectant mothers.

Wed 03 Dec 2014, 09:49 | Tags: Pregnancy, NHS, Expert comment, Policy, Britain, Health and Medicine