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Cigarettes and stillbirth - why the smoking ban is good news

Sarah Stewart-Brown, Professor of Public Health discusses the results of research which shows an 8% drop in stillbirths following the smoking ban in England.

"The results of this study are very welcome validating as they do all the public health interventions that have been introduced to help pregnant women and others give up smoking and to prevent young children taking up the habit.

"A large body of research pointed to the likely benefits of introducing smoke free public places, banning tobacco advertising, curtailing sponsorship by tobacco companies, increasing taxation and providing support for stopping smoking. And it is great to now have confirmation that the research was correct

"Fewer stillbirths will mean less heartache for families to whom this now happens. But the impact of less smoking in pregnancy will also be seen in a reduction in the number of babies dying a cot death. Alongside the reduction in admissions for asthma and respiratory infections we will also see a reduction in conduct disorder and ADHD – both very common and distressing problems for families and children. So this is very good news indeed."

Nicola Jones

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