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"Social care and educational policies" needed to tackle chronic conditions: Dr Nicole Tang

A new study has revealed that about one in three people in their late 40s suffer from chronic health issues. See story here. Dr Nicole Tang is a health psychologist and an expert on chronic conditions -- she shares her expert comment:Dr Nicole Tang

"It’s challenging enough to live with a chronic health condition, like arthritis, back pain, hypertension and diabetes. Just imagine the burden on those having to live with two or more of these conditions and having their mental health affected all at the same time.

"The authors' idea of early prevention is appealing, but most of the early-life risk factors identified in this paper (e.g., father’s social class at birth, low birth weight, low cognitive ability and high BMI at age 10) are not necessarily amenable to change through the efforts of an individual.

"If these factors indeed have a direct role in causing poor mental and physical health at mid-life, well thought-through social care and educational policies, in addition to public health initiatives, may be required.”

28 July 2021

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