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power station

Climate change: focusing on how individuals can help is very convenient for corporations

We should hold those who are responsible for climate change accountable thinks Dr Morten Fibieger Byskov. The Conversation


Who wants to live forever?

Queen asked the question, Oasis quite fancied it but Lemmy from Motorhead didn’t want to. Living forever is something which has captured the imaginations of scientists and artists, well...forever.

Dickens Christmas

How a French ghost story influenced Dickens

A Christmas Carol isn’t the only spine-chilling Christmas ghost story from the pen of Charles Dickens.


Ahead of the 200 anniversary of the Peterloo Massacre, Dr Alison Morgan talks about her new collection of poems and ballads written in the immediate aftermath of the 1819 scandal.


Twice in her life Professor Deirdre McCloskey, the ground breaking economist made Honorary Graduand by the University of Warwick, has torn up the rule book.