Coronavirus (Covid-19): Latest updates and information
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Woman holding lights

COVID Christmas

Professor Sarah Stewart Brown, expert in public health and wellbeing suggests ways to negotiate Christmas 2020 so that we all feel better.

frozen soap bubble

The real Frozen: What can we do with ice?

Scientists at Warwick are researching the properties of ice with a view to harnessing its power. No – not to build a magical crystal castle and set off an eternal winter - but to unlock the many real life applications with an icy key.

dragons in the sky

Dragons in the Sky

People were seeing dragons in the sky long before Westeros hit popular culture explains astrophysicist Dr Elizabeth Stanway.


Why did one inaccurate woodcut image of a rhino become Europe's preferred impression of the exotic beast - for more than 300 years? Dr Alexander Lee from the Centre for the Study of the Renaissance explains in a piece for History Today.

Dürer’s rhino


Dr Michelle Miller from Warwick Medical School explains how the pandemic may have affected our sleep, and some simple steps to help ensure a more restful night.