Coronavirus (Covid-19): Latest updates and information
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Lone walking and busy beach

They think it's all over: Recent government messaging and public behaviour

Are we taking the risk of COVID-19 less seriously now? Dr Kieran File says messaging is giving the public a false sense of security.

charging car

Electric Vehicles: The now, the near future and the never again

The electric vehicle revolution is speeding up, but it can only go so far without the necessary infrastructure & technology. How is research improving the range, rechargeability & affordability of electric vehicles?

cinema ticket

Surviving: The future (and past) of cinemas

Cinema has been through the Spanish Flu pandemic so Covid-19 has produced a similar challenge for film exhibition. But, at the same time, this moment is historically distinctive explains Dr Julie Lobalzo Wright from Warwick’s Department of Film and TV Studies.


Why did one inaccurate woodcut image of a rhino become Europe's preferred impression of the exotic beast - for more than 300 years? Dr Alexander Lee from the Centre for the Study of the Renaissance explains in a piece for History Today.

Dürer’s rhino


Dr Michelle Miller from Warwick Medical School explains how the pandemic may have affected our sleep, and some simple steps to help ensure a more restful night.