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Why do we need leap years? Astrophysicists explain this month’s extra date

Astrophysicists at The University of Warwick are explaining the science behind leap years, ahead of this month’s extra date.

Wed 28 Feb 2024, 12:00 | Tags: Astrophysics, Space, astronomy, Sciences

Villains and Tea Leafs: Redefining Cockney & Defying Stereotypes

Contrary to popular misconceptions, Cockney isn't just about rhyming slang and on-screen villains. It's a vibrant, evolving culture that has thrived amidst changing times. From the traditional 'Old School Cockney' to the innovative 'New School Cockney,' the community continues to adapt and flourish.

A new report from the University of Warwick, in collaboration with Cockney Cultures, is shaking up perceptions of East End culture and calling for its celebration as a powerful tool against social prejudice.

Wed 28 Feb 2024, 08:00 | Tags: linguistics

Arctic Explorer aims to break World Record – with help from University of Warwick engineering students

An explorer is aiming to create a new world record for the longest continuing solo science based expedition trip across the Arctic, using a power source created by engineering students at The University of Warwick.

Tue 27 Feb 2024, 17:02 | Tags: WMG, Engineering, Coventry

Art without Borders: Warwick Arts Centre Welcomes Nicole Bachmann and Francis Offman for Summer 2024 Exhibition

Against the backdrop of unprecedented global displacement, the Summer Exhibition at the University of Warwick’s Warwick Arts Centre will delve into the experiences of migrants and refugees escaping oppressive regimes, conflict, and environmental collapse.

Tue 27 Feb 2024, 09:49 | Tags: Warwick Arts Centre, art, Exhibition, Arts

Ready, Set, Go! The University of Warwick and 62 Coventry schools unite for the Flame of Friendship Torch Relay

In anticipation of the Paris 2024 Olympics, The University of Warwick, in collaboration with 62 Coventry primary, secondary, and special educational needs schools, officially launched the Flame of Friendship Torch Relay on Thursday 2nd February.

University of Warwick Science Park celebrates 40th anniversary

A leading Midlands science park celebrated its 40th anniversary by bringing together innovative companies both old and new to mark the occasion.

Mon 26 Feb 2024, 09:53 | Tags: University of Warwick Science Park, science park

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