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Tiny materials have huge solar energy applications

Tiny materials one hundred thousand times smaller than the width of a strand of hair could be used to improve solar cell technology. 

AI lights the way for futuristic electronics – from bendy TVs to lightweight solar cells

Artificial intelligence (AI) is transforming modern electronics – accelerating the design of bendable TV screens, ultra-lightweight revolutionised solar cells and more.

World-class centre for single crystal electron diffraction will be UK first

New electron diffraction equipment will revolutionise how we understand crystal structures.

Warwick University will help Bolivia become the “energy cell of the world”

Historic agreement sees the university and Bolivia collaborate on lithium battery project and provide scholarships for Bolivian students

University of Warwick Professor awarded Royal Society’s Davy Medal for pioneering research into ‘Metals in Medicine’

Professor Peter Sadler has been announced as the recipient of the Davy Medal, for pioneering the research field of medicinal inorganic chemistry, ‘Metals in Medicine’, and the design of new metallodrugs with novel mechanisms of action. His research regonised by the Royal Society includes targeting cancer cells with the metal iridium – thought to have arrived on Earth via the asteroid that caused the dinosaurs’ extinction.

Wed 24 Aug 2022, 08:37 | Tags: University of Warwick, Chemistry

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