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UniBrass Contest returns to Warwick for the second year in a row

The UniBrass Contest, the highlight of the university brass band calendar, returns to Warwick Arts Centre on Saturday 17th February 2024.

Tue 06 Feb 2024, 12:30 | Tags: Warwick Arts Centre, music

Lone musicians to play with virtual ‘timing-sensitive’ colleagues in a new immersive rehearsal platform

A system that will enable musicians to play alone, but as if part of a live ensemble, is being developed by researchers from WMG, University of Warwick, led by the University of Birmingham.

Tue 23 Mar 2021, 12:39 | Tags: Technology, WMG, music

‘Lost’ Duke Ellington concert film found after over 50 years.

A filmed concert by legendary jazz musician Duke Ellington, considered by him to be his most important, has been found after being unseen and thought lost for over fifty years and will be shown to an audience for the first time since originally broadcast thanks to a project led by the University of Warwick.

Warwick Quartet-in-Residence tours Brazil with Clelia Iruzun

The Coull Quartet – the University of Warwick’s Quartet-in-Residence – is to perform at some of Brazil’s most prestigious venues, alongside the distinguished Anglo-Brazilian pianist Clelia Iruzun.