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Warwick's Honorary Graduates reflect on their careers and pass on advice to students

The six new recipients of Honorary Doctorate's from the University of Warwick's have reflected on their careers and pass on advice to students.

Scientist and broadcaster Professor Brian Cox, award-winning BBC journalist Ritula Shah, legendary footballer and campaigner Brendon Batson OBE, business leader and skills advocate Dame Fiona Kendrick, founder of the Positive Youth Foundation Rashid Bhayat and bestselling author and campaigner Ken Follett CBE spoke ahead of their ceremonies - take a listen:

Professor Brian Cox

Professor Brian Cox hails universities as ‘tremendously valuable public resources’ at award of honorary degree – and about 2019’s British Science Festival coming to the University of Warwick: “I do think that with massive events like the British Science Festival, the University can learn from that because you can learn who is accessing the resource and who isn’t.”

Ritula Shah

Award-winning BBC journalist Ritula Shah receives honorary doctorate and remembers her time as a University of Warwick undergraduate: “I’m delighted to be here and really honoured, it’s fantastic. Warwick, to me, is such a positive memory. I had such a brilliant experience and it’s fabulous to have this connection renewed.”

Brendon Batson OBE

Football legend Brendon Batson OBE dedicated his honorary degree to his former teammates Cyrille Regis and Laurie Cunningham, who helped changed the game for good: “I miss them both. They are part of my journey, so I share this with them because they are part of my journey.”

Dame Fiona Kendrick

Dame Fiona Kendrick DBE highlights universities’ role in employability as she received her Warwick honorary degree: “I see universities as playing a key role, and I see the University of Warwick as being really at the fore of being externally focussed. If universities are working with employers in their local or national area it means that they have a much better understanding of the skills that business and industry are looking for”

Rashid Bhayat

Founder of the Positive Youth Foundation, Rashid Bhayat discussed how the degrees of those graduating alongside him could help them achieve social change: “I need you. My organisation and my sector needs you. The power you now have will give you the key to open doors. When you open those doors, please leave them open for others to pass through as well.”

Ken Follett CBE

Bestselling author and campaigner Ken Follett CBE spoke before receiving his honorary degree about, what he considers the most important, quality they will need: “the most important quality you need is the ability to learn and re-learn, all through life.”

January 22 2019


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