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Food Union meets Disco Salad

discosalad_-_update.jpgThe Warwick University Food GRP organised a joint event with The Pod in Coventry entitled:

Food Union meets Disco Salad!

The event was on the 11th June – 5-9pm and included:

Disco Salad

A Disco Salad made out of food that would otherwise go to waste. Salad was prepared by volunteers and was given for free, all this listening to music played by DJ Mr Lowndes (this event was similar to a previous Disco Soup organised at the University of Warwick).

PechaKucha presentations

PechaKucha presentations (20 slides in 20 seconds each!) followed by discussion on the subject of food. We invited a fascinating panel of five speakers to share their experiences ranging from public health to foraging. Here is the full list of speakers:

  • Berni Lee (Coventry City Council) - public health
  • Neşe Tosun (University of Warwick) - food, arts, culture
  • Moya Kneafsey and Colin Anderson (University of Coventry) - local food
  • Simon Walker (University of Warwick) - allotment, foraging, skipping
  • Elaine Hibbs (Garden Organic) - horticultural therapy
Disco salad - Simon  Disco salad  Disoc salad - Nese  Disco salad 

Carla Sarrouy, from the Warwick University Food GRP, discusses this event with BBC Coventry and Warwickshire (Start 01:54:10).

The event outcomes in numbers:

  • 220 kg of vegetables salvaged (including lettuce, butternut squash, onion, beetroot, cucumber, radishes, tomatoes, asparagus, red cabbage, avocado, spring onion, rocket, aubergine, courgette, potatoes, peppers, celery, garlic, carrots, green cabbage, mushrooms, mint, chives, basil, parsley, coriander, lemons, apples, pears, bananas, oranges, grapefruit, pomegranate, seeds, edible flowers...)
  • 3 kg of bread salvaged
  • 30 people cooked the most creative and tasty food ever!
  • 50 people enjoyed an absolutely delicious (and healthy!) dinner including free salad, roasted veg&fruit, bread and fruit juice
  • Approximately 100 people were reached with this event
  • 30 kg of salad cooked (of all sorts, tastes and colours!)
  • 3 kg of fruit and vegetables roasted
  • 5 litres of fruit & veg juice made
  • 20 kg of fruit & veg donated to day users of The Pod
  • 120 kg of salvaged beetroot were used to make chutney to give to charities
  • 50 kg of beetroot donated to the University Food Co-op to promote healthy eating on campus
  • 10 kg of fruit and vegetable peel composted at the University of Warwick Allotment!
Click on the image below for an infographic with some of the outcomes of the FUMDS event.

Infographic FUMDS

Thank you to the companies that supplied their waste and are making a valuable effort to reduce food waste:
E Sidwell Canalside Community Farm brook_farm_shop.png The Bread Oven Warwick Conferences
Lasting impact commitments from the event:
  • Relationship forged between the Pod and the University of Warwick Food Co-operative to collaborate to set up a food co-operative at the Pod
  • Commitment to do regular events around food at the Pod
  • Settlement of Revive Café (Pod) as an outlet for local vegetable boxes from The Brook Farm Shop


Christine Eade and Adam Steiner (The Pod) and Rosemary Collier and Carla Sarrouy (Warwick Food GRP).

For any additional information, please contact Carla Sarrouy (c dot sarrouy at warwick dot ac dot uk) or the Food GRP (foodgrpteam at warwick dot ac dot uk).