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Mon 3 Apr, '23
How much is too much? Negotiating early modern drink consumption (Hybrid BrIAS Talk)
VUB/ULB Brussels

Hybrid BrIAS Talk by Beat Kümin (Warwick History & Food GRP / BrIAS Fellow)

Throughout history, official norms, religious guidelines and social practices regarding the ‘right’ amount of drink intake have evolved in line with numerous variables. Government and Church regulation, health advice and popular preferences have often been conflicting, with actual consumption levels by groups and individuals the result of complex processes of negotiation. This BrIAS talk examines the blurred borderlines between abstinence, moderation and excess, arguing that sustainability relates to social and cultural as well as ecological and economic considerations. The chronological focus lies on the early modern period between c. 1450-1800, with evidence drawn from source genres like legislation, household accounts, diaries, travel reports and works of art.

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Wed 5 Apr, '23
Clean Eating and Orthorexia: An Exploration of Twenty-First Century British Food Culture (Webinar)

On Wednesday 5 April 2023 4 -5.30 pm (UK time), Louise Morgan (Centre for the History of Medicine / Warwick & Research Assistant / Nottingham Business School) will deliver our 16th Webinar on the topic of 'Clean Eating and Orthorexia: An Exploration of Twenty-First Century British Food Cultures’ - for further info & registration please visit the website.

Mon 17 Apr, '23
Dietary Dilemmas: Influences on Consumer ‘Choice’ in Preindustrial Societies (Hybrid BrIAS Workshop)
VUB/ULB Brussels

Hybrid workshop at the Brussels Institute of Advanced Studies hosted by BrIAS Fellow Beat Kümin (Warwick History / Food GRP), featuring a keynote by Susan Flavin (Trinity College, Dublin), PGR/ECF papers on political, socio-economic, medicinal & cultural constraints plus a roundtable discussion on consumer choice past & present.

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Thu 14 Dec, '23 - Sat 16 Dec, '23
12am - 12am
'Food Crises: Challenges, Innovations and Sustainable Change' (IEHCA Conference)

Runs from Thursday, December 14 to Saturday, December 16.

Together with the European Institute of History and Cultures of Food (France), the Food GRP are sponsoring a conference on 'Food Crises: Challenges, Innovations and Sustainable Change, 14th - 16th December 2023.

There is a call for papers to be submitted by 28th February 2023, information and submission can be found here: Call for papers/Call for papers IEHCA Colloquium | IEHCA (