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Loose fruit and vegetables reduce food and plastic waste

Fresh fruit and vegetables should be sold loose and without best-before labels to reduce plastic packaging, prevent waste and cut emissions, according to government-funded research.

Wed 02 Mar 2022, 15:39 | Tags: GRPNews, food

2BHealthyGB - Closing the loop for a Greener Britain


To be(an), or not to be(an)?
On the question of health, British consumers of all ages are deciding the answer is yes. Increasingly, individuals are actively shifting their dietary habits, and as a consequence will have direct impact on planetary health.
The key word is 'shift'. Our challenge is not about taking sides or joining a tribe or set diet. (We can all agree that a shift is needed!). It's about making personal decisions to feel and to live better. It's about finding ways to adjust our life-styles around healthier eating.
Mon 14 Feb 2022, 21:27 | Tags: food

Dr Alastair Smith: UN Food Price Index understates soaring real cost of food, argues researcher

Dr Alastair Smith of the Department of Global Sustainable Development at the University of Warwick calls on the UN Food and Agricultural Organization (FAO) to focus on real, not nominal food prices, in a correspondence piece published today in Nature.

Dr Smith argues that focusing on real, rather than nominal, food prices in the monthly FAO Food Price Index would be a more accurate indicator of food accessibility and would lead to better policies aimed at tackling world hunger and declining nutritional standards.

Wed 02 Feb 2022, 12:13 | Tags: GRPNews, food

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