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Food Crops to Boost our Health from British Sunshine. The latest article as part of the Crop Centre's International Year of Plant Health 2020 series

We all need to eat well, especially now that living within our means is our new normal. Eating well determines our personal health and how much burden we collectively place on our healthcare system. It determines the impact we have on our environment, at home and across the globe. It connects us across living at all levels of personal health, home, community, country, continent and globe. Good news: if we follow evidence-based advice, we can eat our way to a healthier, more resilient and Greener Britain simply by shifting our diet to more legumes (to reduce demand for meat) and more vegetables and fruits.

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Mon 07 Dec 2020, 10:16

New centre puts farmer priorities at heart of innovation research

Warwick has joined forces with the University of Reading, Royal Agricultural University, Harper Adams University and Newcastle University to focus agricultural research where it can make most difference on the ground. The new Centre for Effective Innovation in Agriculture (CEIA) will see the universities work together to address the gap between scientific research on innovation and real-life farming experience. The centre will focus on how research and development investment can best support innovation to be adopted by farmers.

Professor Rosemary Collier, centre co-lead and expert in IPM at the Warwick Crop Centre said: “Much of our research at Warwick is targeted to benefit farmers, growers and the natural environment. Our involvement in this new centre will allow us to contribute to the development of innovative research programmes, leading to outcomes that can be implemented readily on farms.

Press Release (5 December 2020)

Fri 04 Dec 2020, 15:58

Chemical memory in plants affects chances of offspring survival

Professor Jose Gutierrez-Marcos and an international team of researchers have uncovered the mechanism that allows plants to pass on their ‘memories’ to offspring, which results in growth and developmental defects.

Press Release (1 December 2020)

Tue 01 Dec 2020, 11:41

Job vacancy for postdoctoral Research Fellow to join the prestigious DEFRA funded Vegetable Genetic Improvement Network (VEGIN) at the University

We are seeking an enthusiastic and committed postdoctoral Research Fellow with good experience of plant cultivation and molecular biology to join an existing team working on the prestigious DEFRA funded Vegetable Genetic improvement Network (VEGIN) at the University of Warwick.
The basis of the VeGIN network is to deliver vegetable crop improvements through the identification of markers and genes underlying traits of interest.

A key part of the job will be to liaise with our industrial and academic stakeholders to ensure that the research being carried out is delivering benefits to the industry.

The current research involves projects looking at developing novel plant genetic material, and screening for pest and disease resistance

The role will be based at the Wellesbourne Campus but will also involve some work on the main Warwick campus and also out with our collaborator Harper Adams University.

Mon 30 Nov 2020, 10:38

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