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Food Security

Our Food Security theme encompasses research aiming to manage the uncertainty of food security in the UK.

Food insecurity means that households are unable to access sufficient appropriate , nutritious food for their needs. Systems, legislation, practices and climate all have roles to play which may differ between countries or regions. Our research seeks to uncovers the principal drivers of food security and offer an evidence basis for policy decisions.

Are you working on a related project? Does your research cover the theme of food security? Get involved and join our research network today.

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Food Action & Research Midlands (FARM) Network

This network enables experts, front line food poverty workers, campaigners and academics to share knowledge and understanding of knowledge gaps. This work will form the basis for campaigns, research and action.

Our last workshop, 'Families and Food in Hard Times', was on Thursday 5 December.

Catherine Price has written a blog about how food bank users are perceived in the Midlands press and how readers respond.

More details of projects we support coming soon.