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Information for continuing students

Welcome Back F

Welcome Back!

These pages will provide you with information about the steps you need to take as a continuing student and what services the University offers. Designed for both undergraduates and postgraduates, home and overseas students, we hope that it will provide you with a useful single reference point.

What is re-enrolment?

All students undertaking an accredited course lasting longer than 12 months are required to re-enrol each August (January for Distance-Learning MBA students). Re-enrolment is essentially the process of confirming that you wish to study at Warwick for a whole, or part of, the academic year. It encompasses a number of steps including Course Registration, fee payments, and for international students, passport and visa checks as required.

Students who do not re-enrol will have their access to all campus facilities and services terminated.

So what is Course Registration?

Course Registration is the process of confirming that your personal details, such as addresses and contact details, and course details are correct and up to date. It also reaffirms that you agree to observe the Charter, Statutes, Ordinances and Regulations (in effect 'The Rules') of the University.

Course Registration is an online process which opens in August (January for Distance-Learning MBA students) and must be completed via Student Records Online.

Students due back to the University in September following a period of temporary withdrawal must follow the instructions in the letter they received confirming their permission to temporarily withdraw had been granted. Failure to follow this guidance will result in you not being able to re-enrol. You cannot resume your studies until you have re-enrolled. If you were temporarily withdrawn for medical reasons you should, again, refer to the above letter which sets out the conditions on which your return is contingent.