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Enrolment Information for continuing students

Enrolment Information for continuing students


All students undertaking an accredited course lasting longer than 12 months are required to re-enrol annually, typically in August each year (or sometimes during the academic year if your course did not start at the start of the Autumn term). Re-enrolment is essentially the process of confirming that you are continuing your studies at Warwick for a whole, or part of, the academic year. It encompasses a number of steps including Course Registration, fee payments, and completing the Warwick Values Moodle.

Students who do not re-enrol when asked to do so will have their access to all campus facilities and services terminated.

Course Registration

This is the most important step during re-enrolment. Students who do not complete Course Registration will no longer be treated as a student of the University and their rights (such as library and IT access) will be revoked. You will receive an email once course registration is open for you which will typically be in August, or in around the anniversary of your course start date. Course registration is completed via Student Records Online.

Please click here for further information.

Warwick ID Cards

If you started your course in the 20/21 academic year but have not yet visited campus or collected your Warwick ID card, you can find information about collecting your ID card hereLink opens in a new window.

Your Warwick ID Card will remain valid for the duration of your course. If your end date has changed, due to a period or temporary withdrawal or change in the length of your course, your card will remain active until your new end date, but if required you can request an updated card at the Student Information Centre in Senate House.

If you are progressing from an undergraduate degree at Warwick to a postgraduate taught degree at Warwick (or postgraduate taught to postgraduate research) we will contact you in September with details on how to obtain an updated Warwick ID Card.

If your Warwick ID Card is lost or has been stolen, staff at the Student Information CentreLink opens in a new window in Senate House will be happy to provide you with a replacement.


Once you have completed Course Registration, you can see your statement, pay fees and set up a Direct Debit via Student Records OnlineLink opens in a new window, where applicable. All the information you need about paying fees to the University (tuition, accommodation etc) along with contact details and a list of FAQs, can be found on the Student Finance Website.

Please note that if you have an outstanding balance from the previous academic year you will not be able to complete course registration. Please make payment to clear the balance as soon as possible so that you are able to complete course registration within the required time frame. If you have any queries regarding your fees and payments, you can e-mail studentfees at warwick dot ac dot uk.

Warwick Values Moodle

Our Principles set out our expectations of how we behave as a University community, both as individuals and as an institution.

You are required to complete our Warwick Values Moodle prior to starting your studies every academic year. Failure to do so could result in removal of your ITS account access.