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Student Rights and Responsibilities

Welcome to the Student Rights and Responsibilities web pages. Here you will find quick and easy links to University Regulations, Policies, and Guidelines that govern both what you as a student can expect from the University, and what you would need to be aware of and adhere to as a registered student. You will also find useful links to resources, departments and information to help you throughout your time at the University, and the Warwick Student Community Statement, which has been in existence since January 2013 when it was agreed and signed by the then Vice-Chancellor Professor Sir Nigel Thrift, and the then President of the Warwick Students' Union.

Please click on the links below to find out more. 'Surprising Terms' (aspects of University policy that may not easily be predicted by applicants) and information on 'Additional costs' (costs of study in addition to tuition fees) has been added recently to help students understand what costs of study there may be in addition to tutition fees. The costs have been sorted by department so you can identify costs specific to you.

Warwick Student Community Statement

The University of Warwick exists as a community of students and staff who share common goals in promoting world leading education and research. Warwick is an independent, international and cosmopolitan body that is committed to seeking solutions to major global problems and serving both the local and global community. Core Warwick values include commitments to equality, diversity, excellence in all areas of research and learning, an ambitious and entrepreneurial attitude, an openness to rational enquiry with intellectual integrity, and accessibility to students from all backgrounds at all stages of their learning. Ours is a highly cosmopolitan and diverse community in which different perspectives are essential to the generation of ideas. It is an environment in which the ability to voice those ideas is a core value and in which staff and students should operate with mutual respect and with the confidence that equality of opportunity is accessed by all.

Warwick, as an institution and with the full involvement of the Warwick Students’ Union (SU), aspires to involve students in the best possible experience they could have whilst studying at Warwick. This Student Community Statement sets out the mutual aspirations and expectations of members of the University in fostering this high quality experience and enhancing the vibrant, welcoming, and yet challenging, Warwick community to which we all belong.

Professor Sir Nigel Thrift, Vice-Chancellor and President Nick Swain, President, Warwick Students' Union

(Signed in October 2012, by the then Vice Chancellor and President of the Students' Union)