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Annie McCormick

Annie McCormick

Annie McCormick, has been a priest for over 25 years in the Church of England. Originally from Lincolnshire she has worked in a variety of roles; Mental Health Chaplain, Hospital chaplain and as a Parish priest. She studied Biblical studies at Sheffield University and trained for ministry at Cuddesdon Theological College. She gained an MTh from Cardiff in Chaplaincy Studies, and a MA in English from Hull.

Annie’s interests lie in creative writing and poetry, learning British Sign language and in walking and nature. In particular she loves searching for springs and ancient wells. Currently she is exploring a theology of water in Biblical texts and early Christian writings, texts she believes are important to reflect on in light of our need to address climate change.

Contact Details:

+44 (0)24 7652 8158

(Internal extn: 28158)

Email: annie dot mccormick at warwick dot ac dot uk