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Blog: The Studio - The ideal learning environment for Millennials

kitchen space

According to Forbes, 75% of the global market of the workforce is going to be made up of Millennials by 2025.

It is this demographic segment that are beginning to define the culture of the 21st century workplace as a result of their ambition and affinity with the new digital world.

With research to illustrate that it is not just this generation's skill sets that differ to the Baby Boomer group, it is also their behaviour and social composition that requires a different approach in terms of workplace development. It is therefore increasingly important that the environment in which their skill sets are developed, meets their higher need for engagement and distinctiveness.

Challenging meeting etiquette

Our Studio space has been engineered as a catalyst for idea generation through its ability to challenge meeting etiquette; chalkboard walls become the flipchart and beanbags replace the furniture.

With Forbes stating leaders will be encouraging more human interaction and engagement throughout 2018, this space is the ideal layout for leadership training courses. The design itself is facilitated upon the encouragement of interpersonal relationships between employees.

What may seem a distant memory to some, macro-economic factors such as the recession has resulted in this generation placing much more focus on their own personal needs, rather than the organisation itself.

This explains why many learning and development programmes are beginning to include 'Self-Awareness' modules that focus on accurate self-assessment, and self-confidence, thus organisations expressing an invested interest in the personal strengths and weaknesses of employees. As millennials have shorter attention spans and a greater need for engagement and stimulation, they tend to be uncomfortable with rigid corporate structures and procedures.

Out with tradition

The studio space removes all traditional features of a meeting room, there's no tables and chairs - it's all about conceptualization and creativity. Learners are able to lounge on comfortable seating that may not be as ergonomic as a standard chair - but what would appeal to a Millennial more?

The chalkboard walls in the space allow ideas to be scribbled on the wall without getting into trouble and this freedom and flexibility is what can make learners think differently. It has been found that the upcoming generation are demanding a management style and corporate culture that is markedly different to anything they have encountered before.

This is what is resulting in business leaders and HR teams revising their strategy to cater to these evolving workplace needs.

Progression and development

Corporate giants such as IBM and Apple are already starting to respond to this shift in the workplace within their internal office spaces; efforts as simple as reducing remote working and bringing teams together in innovative environments are all efforts to promote worker relations and encourage team collaboration.

Leaders who can encourage these types of personal connections are more likely to foster a committed, satisfied and productive workforce.

As a training venue we now recognise this greater need for progression and development, and what new perspective this millennial market brings. It is now about creating an experience rather than a facility to enable an improved relaxed dynamic and synergetic atmosphere.

We've even put slippers into The Studio so that there is that opportunity for all forms of conformity and conventionality to fly out the window. This is what places individuals into a different headspace and to think in a way that is inspired, animated and empowering.

More to come...

Our next blog will take a look at another of our creative spaces; The Living Space.

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