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About the Dean of Students' Office

Working with the Warwick community, we lead on personal tutoring to support student success.

Who is the Dean of Students and what is their role?

The Dean of Students at the University of Warwick is supported in their role by three Faculty Senior Tutors. Working closely with colleagues across the university, the Dean of Students provides strategic leadership for the provision of academic pastoral support for students, ensuring that practice at Warwick is sector leading and supports both academic outcomes and the wellbeing of students.

The role of the University Dean of Students is to:

Promote the academic welfare of students, collectively and individually.

Be responsible for the effective and consistent strategic development of personal tutoring across the university, monitoring and reporting on its operation.

Provide a sympathetic person to whom students can turn to in confidence for support regarding difficulties with their studies, if no other source of support has been able to help.

Be the university point of escalation for all matters relating to concerns regarding academic progression for individual students.

Provide help and advice to academic members of staff who are Faculty Senior Tutors.

Consult with Senior Tutors about the operation of the personal tutoring system in their department.

With Faculty Senior Tutors, develop and deliver training to departmental Senior and Personal Tutors.

Administer the Dean of Students Hardship Fund.

Who are the Faculty Senior Tutors and what is their role?

Faculty Senior Tutors provide confidential advice and support to students who are experiencing difficulties with their studies. They work with the Dean of Students and Departmental Senior Tutors to ensure provision of robust and effective academic pastoral support for students; promote best practice in personal tutoring and engage with its operational review and development at the faculty level ensuring common expectations and raising standards.The Faculty Senior Tutors are:

Dr David Lees - (Faculty of Social Sciences)

Email:; Tel: 024 7652 3331

Dr Helen Toner - (Faculty of Science, Engineering and Medicine)

Email:; Tel: 024 7652 3326

Rachel Dickinson - (Faculty of Arts)

Email:; Tel: 024 7652 2847

The role of the Faculty Senior Tutor is to:

Be responsible, together with the Dean of Students, for the effective operation and development of personal tutoring within their designated Faculty.

Promote good practice and act as a champion for personal and senior tutoring, maintaining regular contact with departmental Senior Tutors within their designated Faculty.

Provide advice, support and guidance to students if departmental Senior Tutors are unavailable, or otherwise as required.

Actively contribute at Senior Tutor networking events, promoting a strong and effective network of colleagues with a shared purpose and common vision for personal tutoring.

Be the Faculty point of escalation for all concerns regarding the academic progression of individual students once departmental actions have been exhausted.

Provide support and guidance to departmental Senior Tutors and Personal Tutors within their designated Faculty.

Develop and deliver training to departmental Senior and Personal Tutors.

Report at departmental or Faculty meetings on the operation or development of personal tutoring within their Faculty, including innovations, key issues and showcasing good practice.

Engage with working groups and other university activities where representation is required on personal tutoring and issues pertaining to academic support matters.

Contact Details

The Dean of Students' Office is located on the Second Floor of Senate House (Room SH2.17). Normal office hours are Monday - Thursday 9.00 am to 5.00 pm and Friday 9.00 am to 4.00 pm.

Appointments with the Faculty Senior Tutors or the Dean of Students should be made in advance (via email) as this is the best way to find a mutually suitable time.In the first instance, please contact the appropriate Faculty Senior Tutor - details above.

For general enquiries the Dean of Students' Office can be contacted on:

Email:; Tel: 024 7652 2761

The Dean of Students can be contacted on:

Email:; Tel: 024 7652 2429

Dean of Students Hardship Fund

The Dean of Students Hardship Fund is by referral only by Student Funding, following an application to the Warwick Hardship Fund.