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About the Dean of Students' Office

Who is the Dean of Students?

Professor Louise Gracia is the Dean of Students at the University of Warwick.

What is her role?

The Dean of Students, is an active member of an academic department, and promotes the academic and personal welfare of students, individually and collectively. Working closely with colleagues across the university, her role is to provide institutional strategic leadership for the provision of academic pastoral support for students, ensuring that practice at Warwick is sector leading and supports both academic outcomes and the wellbeing of students. She is supported in her role by the three Faculty Senior Tutors: Dave Britnell, Helen Toner and Fiona Anderson-Gough.

Who are the Faculty Senior Tutors and what is their role?

The Faculty Senior Tutors are:
Dr Dave Britnell - (Faculty of Social Science)
Dr Helen Toner - (Faculty of Science)
Dr Fiona Anderson-Gough - (Faculty of Arts)
The Faculty of Medicine is supported by the Dean of Students.
Faculty Senior Tutors provide confidential advice and support to students who are experiencing difficulties with their studies. They work with the Dean of Students and Departmental Senior Tutors to ensure provision of robust and effective academic pastoral support for students; promote best practice in personal tutoring and engage with its operational review and development at the faculty level ensuring common expectations and raising standards.

Contact details for the Dean of Students' Office

In the first instance, please contact the appropriate Faculty Senior Tutor as follows:

Dave Britnell - (Faculty of Social Science) - Email:; Tel: 024 7657 2575

Helen Toner - (Faculty of Science) - Email:; Tel: 024 7652 3326

Fiona Anderson-Gough - (Faculty of Arts) - Email:; Tel: 024 7652 4664

The Dean of Students can be contacted on:

Email:; Tel: 024 7652 3555

For general enquiries the Dean of Students' Office can be contacted on:

Email:; Tel: 024 7652 2761

Senior Tutors' Hardship Fund

The Senior Tutor Hardship Fund (STHF) is a small discretionary fund provided by the kind and generous donations of alumni. Awards support students who find themselves in financial crisis and experiencing extreme financial hardship that compromises their ability to undertake their course of study. Please note that STHF awards cannot be sought for the payment of student fees.

The STHF is able to support students with loans (which are repayable by an agreed date) or grants (which are non-repayable sums). In both cases awards are usually relatively small amounts of funding that support students in the short-term.

There are a number of eligibility criteria, all of which have to be met, before we can consider an application to the STHF which include:

  • Students are enrolled on and actively undertaking a course of study. (Students on temporary withdrawal or who have completed their course of study are ineligible).
  • Students are experiencing extreme financial hardship.
  • Students have exhausted all other sources of funding support available to them including:
    - personal sources e.g. overdraft facilities, savings, income from any employment;
    - parental/family support;
    - all forms of Hardship Funding provided by University Student Funding.
    - any applicable charitable funding (e.g. Snowden Trust).

To make an initial enquiry please complete the online ‘Senior Tutor Hardship Fund Eligibility Form’, by clicking the link to the form in the tab at the top left of this page. Once we receive your completed form, we will be able to assess your initial eligibility and be in touch to advise the outcome and next steps.

Please note that subsequent discussions may involve detailed consideration of your financial situation and a broader consideration of your longer term financial planning and management in relation to your studies.

Decisions made on the award, or otherwise, of any funding are entirely at the discretion of the Dean of Students’ Office. Decisions are final and there is no right of appeal against decisions made.

Location/Opening Hours

The Dean of Students' Offices are located on the First Floor of the Social Sciences Building (Rooms S1.101 and S1.103).

The Dean of Students' administrative support staff are available Monday - Thursday 9.00 am - 5.00 pm and Friday 9.00 am - 4.00 pm on 024 7652 2761. Appointments with the Faculty Senior Tutors or the Dean of Students should normally be made in advance as this is the best way to find a mutually suitable time.