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Meet the team

Meet the Community Values Education Programme (CVEP) team

The CVEP team sit within the Dean of Students' Office. We work a mix of full-time, part-time, and contracted hours, and some of the team also work in other roles at the University.

Programme team

The programme team oversees the strategic direction of our work and the day-to-day implementation of activities and resources.

Dr. Jane Bryan - Academic Lead.

Jane smiling, outside

My name is Jane Bryan and I am a Reader in Law at the University of Warwick Law School and Academic Lead of CVEP. My interests focus on the diverse benefits of dialogue: ensuring meaningful consent in medical treatment, using peer dialogue to enhance teaching practice and mediation to resolve disagreements, and finding ways to unearth and amplify the student voice. I am a Foundation Fellow of the Warwick International Higher Education Academy, Warwick Award for Teaching Excellence commendee and a Finalist in the Oxford University Press Law Teacher of the Year Award 2019. I am also a solicitor (non-practicing) and an accredited mediator and a restorative justice facilitator.

Puja Laporte - Programme Manager.

Puja, black and white dress, outside

Hello, I am Puja (she/her). I've worked across both the Education sector and the Third sector, exploring and supporting the needs of under-represented, disadvantaged, and marginalised groups. My background is in intervention design and evaluation, and I enjoy project management. CVEP aims to promote the Warwick values with students with activities and resources which are accessible and meaningful to their day-to-day experience. I really enjoy collaborating with students and ensuring their perspectives are represented across our work. I am passionate about social inclusion, and I am committed to meaningful co-creation. I am also a mentor in several mentoring initiatives, supporting young people to overcome barriers that have traditionally prevented them from accessing opportunities.

Sam Parr - Senior Tutor.

Sam, wearing glasses

Welcome! I'm Sam (he/him), and I'm the Senior Tutor within CVEP. I'm passionate about connecting people with the knowledge, skills, and confidence they need to tackle barriers to becoming an active bystander, and to help people engage with work to improve their institutions and make their communities safer and more inclusive. I'm always excited to hear about interesting media snippets (film, TV, comics etc.) that showcase effective interventions, or even just situations that would benefit from an active bystander stepping in, so please do send them to my inbox. They often feature in my teaching to follow! I'm also the lead coordinator for the Queering University programme at Warwick, which supports staff and students at Warwick to develop, implement, share and sustain queer pedagogies and perspectives, and encourages teaching & learning, pastoral, and other practices that are inclusive of LGBTQUA+ people.

Tutors (Active Bystander initiative)

Our tutors deliver the Introduction to Active Bystander workshops and the Active Bystander Intervention courses. Some of the tutors also lead activities on other sub-projects. They are all passionate about improving the student experience.

Cherisse Francis

Cherisse outside, smiling
Cherisse is a proud Afro-Caribbean attorney at law and Doctoral Researcher originally from the beautiful island of Barbados. Her research interests are centred around human rights; trafficking in persons, gender and youth development. These interests stemmed from her own experiences and the experiences of others who have crossed her path. She is passionate about active bystander work to ensure that others can avoid some of the microaggressions and larger harms that she has encountered. Her hope is that through these programmes everyone can feel safer and more included in our community. Three things Cherisse recommends reading 'Girl, Woman, Other' and watching 'The Boy in the Striped Pajamas' (Film).

Alison Sham

Alison outside, with long hair

Hi, I’m Alison (She/Her). I have just completed an MSc in Intercultural Communications with Business and the Professions at Warwick. My dissertation explored identity construction within virtual meetings. Alongside delivering the CVEP workshops, I am a Progress Coach, mentoring those who are not in education, employment or training (NEET). In the past, as a CIPD Associate, I have worked in various HR functions. I have also taught Mandarin as a foreign language and worked in the University well-being team providing support services to SEND students. I strongly believe that everyone should be treated with dignity and respect. Alison enjoys watching Modern Family and Chinese chat shows and game shows.

Nick Cherryman

Nick outside, smiling

My name is Nick. I am a PhD Student in the department of Sociology, and I broadly look at how gender is constructed and deconstructed. I founded a research group called queer/disrupt, and am openly non-binary and use they/ them pronouns. I am a member of Warwick Sport, and teach SCUBA diving and play underwater rugby and underwater hockey (which are as strange as they sound). I think that whilst discrimination and sexual violence needs to be tackled on a government level (i.e. laws like the Equality Act), we also need to tackle it ourselves for instance through checking our biases and challenging it in safe ways. In lockdown I spent most of my time reading Sci-Fi. I also am a drag queen so have been playing with make-up and pretending it’s relevant to my PhD when, to be honest, I could be doing more research. I also sometimes sing (badly) to my elderly Jack Russell, The Miadog (who often features in my classes in a lazy sort of way).

Pierre Botcherby

Pierre in a white shirt and holding papers
Pierre recently completed his PhD in the History department, where he worked on the impact of industrial decline and urban regeneration on community in England since the mid-twentieth century. Pierre is also a PGR Development Officer with the Doctoral College and the Doctoral Training Manager in the Arts Faculty Office. Pierre is a strong advocate of initiatives to improve student experience and promote student voice on campus. Outside work, he is often found chasing shadows on the squash courts in the university’s Staff Squash League. Pierre has recently enjoyed reading ‘River Kings’ by Cat Jarman, a fascinating look at the Viking era all based around a single bead discovered in a dig in Repton, putting the Viking presence in England very much in a global perspective.

Active Bystander Champions

The Active Bystander Champions are current students who have previously completed the Active Bystander Intervention Course which aims to address sexual misconduct on campuses. They have volunteered their time to plan and deliver activities to engage other students into the course.

Yazhuo Liu

Yazhuo in a while t-shirt, outdoors

My name is Yazhuo and I’m currently a third year Accounting and Finance student. Having participated in the Active Bystander course enabled me to be more compassionate and caring for the interest of the others, especially more culturally disadvantaged groups. I’m also extremely excited to join the team as an Active Bystander champion and contribute to shape a safer and more friendly environment towards females, ethnic, and sexual minority groups at our university. A book I am binge reading is Returning to Reims by Didier Eribon, it discussed quite a lot of critical issues such as education and sexual minority within the social system and I personally find it really moving. Definitely recommend to anyone who might have trouble with their self-identification.

Jess Saunders

Jess outside, in a pink jumper

Hi everyone! My name is Jess and I use she/her pronouns. I am a second year BA French and Linguistics student here at Warwick. Due to my cultural studies, I am particularly interested in striving for equality and empowering everyone, regardless of differences, to reach their full potential. Through my study of linguistics, I have also developed an appreciation of the importance of inclusive language, considering that language is such an important part of the process of crafting identities for ourselves as well as our social interactions with peers. After having completed the engaging and informative Active Bystander Intervention Course as part of CVEP, I felt empowered and motivated to apply the skills and knowledge I had developed to our university environment, which led me to pursue a role as an Active Bystander Champion. The team behind the CVEP programme have done some brilliant work to raise the profile of our university’s values on campus and I am grateful to be able to play a role in the continued development of their initiatives. I also tutor younger students alongside my own studies as I am passionate about supporting others to overcome their academic and/or personal difficulties.

Yuqi Wang

Yuqi outside, in a green jacket

Hello there! My name is Yuqi Wang and I am a year 1 undergraduate economics student. A funny thing about me is that the primary reason I participated in this active bystander program is I thought it was mandatory. But after I went through the whole program, I found it really inspirational, and gave me many ideas about how to treat everyone in your life properly! In my daily life, I consider myself a person with a little social phobia, which means I’m not that good at dealing with a lot of people at the same time. But I’m always trying to be helpful and show my best part to everyone. It’s an honor for me to become this champion, and I’m looking forward to participating in various activities that help build our inclusive community.

Lauren Ketteridge

Coming shortly.


Yihan Tian

Yihan sitting outside, in a pink top and jeans

Hello everyone, my name is Tian Yihan and I am a Masters student in Marketing. I am honoured to be an Active Bystander Champion and to be part of this project. I have seen many wonderful friends who have been intentionally or unintentionally hurt by their emotional issues, and sometimes they blame themselves and struggle to realise that they are innocent. However, it is difficult for me to help due to the fear or lack of knowledge of what should I do, so I signed up for the course to gain some courage and learn some practical ways to make a difference. Luckily, this course has inspired me and I do hope to pass on that courage, so keep going! I've been watching Downton Abbey recently (I know the show is a bit old hahaha) and trying to learn a bit more about the UK~ If you guys have recommendations, please let me know!

Student Engagement Officers

Our team of Student Engagement Officers are all current UG or PGT students. The Student Engagement Officers work on specific tasks or projects related to our wider goals. The team are also involved in recruitment activities.

Harry Sun

Harry in a suit with tie, smiling

Hi everyone :) I'm Harry, a second year law student. I joined the team running the Community Values Education Programme (CVEP) because like many students, I chose Warwick for its diverse and inclusive student community. However, I am acutely aware of the impacts that micro-aggressions can play in affecting our student experience, and I'd love to work with the community to understand what a 'values driven community' means. I look forward to engaging with student societies and staff communities on understanding challenges towards greater inclusion within our community, and to build past these challenges using the various resources that we have available at Warwick, such as the text message short course on acceptable conduct, or report and support. As a law student, I've watched Suits (ask around the law school, who hasn't?) and absolutely loved the series. I also love meditating, and use Headspace when I feel the need to take some time for myself. Remember, it's important to look after each other, but don't forget to also take care of ourselves!

Nikita Asnani


Nikita is pursuing a Masters degree in Humanitarian Engineering with Sustainability at Warwick. She looks forward to the unexpected challenges in this role that she thinks will make her more inter-culturally sensitive, bold and self- aware, as she learns to question and explore not just to blur existing boundaries, but also to paint new ones. She strongly believes in the power of design to create an economy that allows people and planet both to thrive, promoting abundance and prosperity for all. She loves expressing herself through creative mediums, be it calligraphy, mixed media painting, decoupage, poetry or learning new languages. Apart from English, she also speaks Hindi, Sindhi, Arabic and French, and looks forward to learning a lot more languages! Nikita is currently binge-watching a Turkish historical fiction 'Resurrection: Ertugrul' on Netflix and reading ‘Everything is beautiful’ by Eleanor Ray.

Fay Inverarity

Fay, with a grey jumper

My name is Fay, and I’m a 5th year student in the SMLC, studying MA Translation and Cultures. Over the past 18 months especially, we’ve all seen the power of community, and over my years at university I’ve become especially attached to the one we have here at Warwick. I’m passionate about CVEP because I want to work towards making our community inclusive, accepting and safe for every student. I really believe that understanding one another is vital in fostering a community at Warwick, so I’m really excited to be involved with the Hear my Name project. This a great initiative, which allows us to feel more confident saying someone’s name and strengthen the sense of community at Warwick. I’m currently reading Shuggie Bain, by Douglas Stuart, which is the 2020 Booker Prize winner. It’s set in 1980s Glasgow, which is the time during which my dad was growing up there, so has been personally moving for me. It’s a fascinating, but heart-breaking, book I would recommend anyone who needs a break from academic reading.

Sophie Norman

Sophie, in a white top

I'm Sophie (she/they), a 3rd year English Literature student. Having worked as an intern for CVEP team over the summer in 2021, I'm really excited to see it growing and continue working on the projects I was involved with then. In particular, I'm really looking forward to meeting students who are interested in the work we're doing, as my previous work on was online. Recently I've been really enjoying Season 3 of Sex Education as it covers so many important topics in a really engaging and educational way. I am also the co-President of the Warwick Anti-Sexism Society.