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Why register for the Warwick Award?

The Warwick Award has been designed to help you showcase all of the skills you will build throughout your time here, and set you up for a fantastic start to life after graduation. By completing the Award you'll develop a range of core skills that employers have told us they want to see in new graduates, you'll learn how to reflect on those skills, and you'll build a bank of examples of how you've built those skills that you can use when applying for jobs.

But, don't just take our word for it. We spoke with some of the students who've already completed the Warwick Award - our Warwick Award Pioneers - to find out why they signed up, what they got out of it, and plenty more.

A black and white of a young, white woman wearing a polo neck jumper and jeans, standing in front of a hedge. The woman has dark hair and is smiling.

Eleni Markidou, Economics

"It's a life-altering experience that goes well beyond classroom learning to help you become an independent thinker, improve as a person, and set yourself up for future success."

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Wan Aiman, WBS

"Achieving the Gold Award felt like a culmination of hard work and personal growth. It was a validation of my efforts and a symbol of what I've gained at Warwick."

A black and white photo of a smiling woman with dark hair and white skin. She looks incredibly happy, and also has a soft toy on her shoulder - a fluffy crocodile.

Lauren Ketteridge, WMG

"I know it might come across as just a piece of paper, or another line on your HEAR, but it felt nice to be able to put a short, snappy title to all the hard work I’ve done with my extra-curriculars over the last few years!"

A black and white photo of a man smiling at the camera. He has short, dark hair, a beard and moustache, white skin and dark eyebrows. He has a pale jumper tied around his shoulders and is wearing a black tshirt.

Denys Stepanets, WBS

"The Warwick Award has been a journey of personal and professional development, where I've learned to understand my strengths and areas for improvement, and most importantly, to step out of my comfort zone."

A black and white photo of a man smiling at the camera. He has thick, dark, curly hair and is wearing a dark, polo tshirt.

Umair Khan, Engineering

"These skills and experiences will greatly assist me in navigating the transition into the work environment, as I am now better prepared to handle unexpected situations."

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Be part of this page

Have you earned a Warwick Award? Would you like to be part of our collection of case studies on this page to help us celebrate your achievement and promote the Award to other students? If so, email the skills team and we'll be in touch.

Another Warwick Award Pioneer is Fay Inverarity, who graduated Warwick in the summer of 2022 having completed a fantastic range of skills development opportunities during her time here. As part of the Award, she also reflected on these activities and built her own bank of examples of how she developed her skills and used them in real-life situations, which she was then able to draw on in job applications and interviews.

Before she left, we were able to catch up with her and record a video interview about skills, the Warwick Award, and what's next for her.

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