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WAPTE: Awards and timetable

WAPTE 2023 timetable

Nominations open 08January 2024
Nominations deadline 16 February 2024
Nominee statement deadline 03 May 2024

The following award amount is distributed by the Warwick Awards for Personal Tutoring Excellence (WAPTE) by transferring budget to departments:

  • Winners (up to three) receive £1000 each

Funds are provided directly to the Winner's department (substantive or 'home' department in the case of joint/cross appointments).

Budget will be made available in the first quarter of the financial year following the Award and must be spent by the end of that financial year.

WAPTE Winners will receive their award certificates at a celebration reception in the summer.

Award monies may only be spent on supporting the Winner's development as a Personal Tutor, in accordance with the University's financial regulations and procedures.

Please note that all equipment purchased using WAPTE funds remains the property of the University.

Any questions about possible uses for awards should be directed to

Working with winners

As part of our commitment to raising the profile of personal tutoring excellence in the University, Winners will be expected to disseminate their work in this area more widely in collaboration with the Dean of Students Office.

The format of this is flexible, and may include:

  • Short video interviews
  • Articles
  • Presentations at University events
  • Facilitating workshops

Any content generated may be added to webpages and used in other publicity materials.