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Staff Network Groups

 Individuals who have responsibility for chairing staff networks, attending meetings, helping to organise events, providing feedback on policies etc should include this on their annual PDR demonstrating the involvement and commitment you have had to your staff networks.

The University recognises the power of staff networks and is pleased to support the development of staff networks and invites staff, should they wish, to express an interest in joining one of the proposed staff network groups.

The function of these groups will be to:

  • provide a networking opportunity
  • provide support and a confidential listening service
  • provide peer support, mentoring, information sharing
  • provide a forum for discussing appropriate issues of mutual interest
  • raise issues in a safe environment
  • organise social events
  • contribute to staff development activities

  • arrange annual events to raise awareness and celebrate diversity

This is not an exhaustive list, as we are keen for the network groups to develop in their own way. If you are interested in joining any of the networks (or have suggestions for other network groups), please email:

Claire Algar- Equality, Diversity & Inclusion Officer - C dot Algar at warwick dot ac dot uk stating which group you would be interested in joining.




Equality, Diversity, and Inclusion Network

EDN Oct 2017

All staff are also welcome to attend the E,D&I Network where they can receive updates:

  • Events
  • New resources
  • E,D&I projects
  • Provide Input and see how you can get involved

Click here to find out meeting dates and register your attendance