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Car Club at Warwick

Image of Car Club car at the University of Warwick

The Car Club scheme at Warwick for Business Travel

As part of our transport and mobility strategy to provide you with a wider range of sustainable travel options, and in partnership with Transport for West Midlands (TfWM), we are trialling an exciting new Car Club scheme operated by Enterprise Car Club.

What is the Car Club scheme?

The Car Club scheme provides staff and students with access to two electric hybrid Hyundai Ioniq hire cars, which can be booked for business travel only, supplied and maintained by Enterprise Car Club. These cars are permanently parked on campus and can be booked from as little as one hour, up to a maximum of 2 days (if you require a hire car for business travel for more than two days, it is more cost-effective to book a hire car using the University car hire contract for business travel Short Term Car and Van Rental (

The Car Club scheme is designed for short-term hire and can be used if you need to travel off campus to attend client meetings or training events, to teach at the University Hospital, to travel to Wellesbourne Campus, or to visit off-campus accommodation.

During the trial period (February 2021 to February 2022) the two Hyundai Ioniq cars can be hired for business travel only, at no cost to your department or office, because these cars are funded by Transport for West Midlands (TfWM) as part of the Future Mobility Showcase trial.

In addition to the two Hyundai Ioniq cars available for business travel, we have two ultra low emission petrol cars (Toyota Yaris and Vauxhall Corsa) on campus, which are available to be hired by staff and students for personal/social travel at preferential hire rates. To book these two cars, staff and students must sign up and pay to hire these cars through a separate web portal Enrollment ( There is normally a membership fee of £60 to use this service, but the University has negotiated a 100% fee discount for our community. To obtain the discount, enter Promo Code ECCU3 and Member Referrals Code E176PJ. Personal membership of Enterprise Car Club provides staff and students with access to hire any of their 1,400 Car Club cars across the UK for private use.

How does it work?

How do I use the cars?

Everything you need to use this service can be easily organised through Enterprise’s app or website and there are also instructional videos to help explain the process too.

1. Register and reserve your car

  • Register online through the Enterprise website. Please note you will need to present your driving licence details when registering for the first time.
  • Download and log into Enterprise’s app or log in through their website to view and reserve a car.
  • Once you’re registered and logged in you can select a vehicle and choose your reservation start/end times.
  • You can reserve vehicles both in advance and on the go.

2. Unlock & go

  • Use the Enterprise Car Club app to unlock the vehicle, or place your Clever Membership card* over the windscreen reader and wait for the green light to appear.
  • Enter your PIN number into the PIN pad located inside the glovebox and collect the keys.

*Please note that for your first use of a Car Club vehicle, you will need to use the Clever Membership card. This will be sent to you after you’ve registered to join the Car Club. After this first use, you can then unlock the vehicle with this card or through the app.

3. Return the car

  • When you’ve finished, please return the vehicle to the same bay, and use your app or access card to lock the vehicle for the final time.
  • If you need a little extra time, you can extend your reservation from the vehicle itself, the app, website or by calling Enterprise on 0345 266 9290.


On campus we have two dedicated Hyundai Ioniq (Automatic) electric hybrid cars for staff to use for business travel only, which are insured by the University. More information about how to use this hybrid vehicle can be found in this guide. We also have two “floating vehicles” available: a Toyota Yaris (Automatic) and a Vauxhall Corsa (Manual). These cars are accessible to anyone, including the public, and can be hired for both business and personal/social travel.

Our two floating vehicles act as back up options for staff to use for business travel. But they can also be hired by staff, students and the public for personal/social travel too.

The Hyundai Ioniq cars will be kept in ‘reserved’ parking bays in Kirby Corner Car Park, where the electric charging bays are, and on Gibbet Hill Campus, in the electric bays by the entrance to the School of Life Sciences. The two floating cars will be on main campus, in Car Park 8a (the car park next to The Junction) and in Cryfield Car park. View our car parking map.

Staff members who wish to use the dedicated vehicles for business travel do not have to pay to use the vehicles during the 12-month trial period. If you wish to use the floating cars for personal/social travel, then costs apply. Please note the University has negotiated preferential rates for staff and students to benefit from, if personal/social travel is booked through our Car Club service.

The maximum amount of time you can hire a car for is 7 days.

If anything happens while using either the Hyundai Ioniq cars or the floating cars, it must be reported to Enterprise’s Car Clubhouse Team, who are available 24 hours a day, 365 days a year and the University. When you register to join the Car Club, this process will be explained in your welcome pack.

If you are using the car for business travel you should follow the procedure outlined in our business insurance procedure as well as informing Enterprise.

What Covid-safety measures are in place?

There will be hand sanitiser and anti-bacterial wipes placed in each Hyundai Ioniq. You muse use these both before and after use, to sanitise your hands and wipe down all the touch points in the car, (i.e. steering wheel, door handles, steering controls/indicator stalks, gear lever and any other touch points). Please don't leave any used wipes in the car and instead dispose of them responsibly.

Enterprise are applying a new antimicrobial surface coating to vehicle interiors (hard surfaces and upholstery). This coating uses nanotechnology to form an invisible coating which creates an environment where viruses, like COVID-19, find it difficult to survive for up to 6 months. The protection it provides endures despite high levels of usage, which is why over the last 18 months this coating has been applied to thousands of meters of public and private spaces including airports, supermarkets, schools, gyms & UK government offices.

Deploying this new surface coating means the vehicles will now be taken out of circulation every 10 days for cleaning, rather than after each reservation. The meticulousness of the cleaning process will continue to be backed by the ‘Complete Clean Pledge’, the increased rigor of which remains in place.The two dedicated cars (Hyundai Ioniqs) are also deep cleaned and sanitised by Enterprise, as well as having a 25-point safety check.

The Hyundai Ioniq cars are for business travel only, and are insured by the University. If the floating vehicles are used for business travel, then the car will be insured by the University’s insurance policy too. If the floating vehicles are used for social/personal travel, then insurance is provided by Enterprise and included within the hire fee. When you log into the app you will be prompted to select whether your travel is business or personal in nature. From there, if you select ‘business’ the app will follow our internal process, and there’s nothing else you need to do. If you select ‘personal’ it will tell you the available options and prices.

There aren’t currently any changes to the travel policy and business cars, however the University is reviewing this policy, amongst others, in light of our climate emergency declaration.