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Academic Resourcing Committee

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Membership 2022/23

The Provost or Pro-Vice-Chancellor, acting on behalf of the Vice-Chancellor and President (Chair)

Professor Christine Ennew

The Pro-Vice-Chancellor (Education)

Professor Christopher Hughes

The Pro-Vice-Chancellor (Research)

Professor Caroline Meyer

The Pro-Vice-Chancellor (International)

Professor Michael Shipman

The Deputy Pro-Vice-Chancellor (Education)

Professor Gwen Van der Velden

The Vice-Provosts/Chairs of the Boards of the Faculties:

Professor Rachel Moseley (Arts)

Professor Lorenzo Frigerio (Science, Engineering and Medicine)

Professor Nick Vaughan-Williams (Social Sciences)

Four Faculty representatives, one from each of the Faculties of Arts and Social Sciences and two from the Faculty of Science, Engineering and Medicine:

Professor Kate Astbury (Arts) (2025)

Professor Ruth Hewston (Social Sciences) (2023)

Professor Yulia Timofeeva (Science, Engineering and Medicine) (2024)

Professor Derrick Watson (Science, Engineering and Medicine) (2025)

In Attendance

Academic Registrar (Secretary)
Group Finance Director
Director of Financial Strategy & Reporting
Deputy Finance Director
Head of Finance Departmental Services (ARC)
HR Engagement Director
Director, Strategic Planning and Analytics Group
Director of Research and Impact Services
Senior Assistant Registrar (Strategic Planning and Analytics Group)
Assistant Registrar (Strategic Planning and Analytics Group) (Assistant Secretary)

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Terms of Reference

1. To guide the strategic, performance and financial planning process for academic departments, ensuring that their plans both inform and are informed by the University’s strategy.

2. To develop financial strategies and approve departmental budgets for the support of academic activities within the overall available funding envelope and within the context of the University's strategic goals and priorities.

3. To guide the setting of admissions targets and monitoring of intake for degree programmes and the determination of appropriate entry requirements.

4. To monitor income and expenditure and achievement of plans by departments, including research income and targets, and help departments to take corrective action where performance deviates adversely from plan.

5. To approve and monitor the staffing establishment of academic departments in the ARC envelope, and to consider bids for the establishment of new posts.

6. To monitor and review performance against plan for new degree-level undergraduate and postgraduate taught courses, reporting to other bodies in the University (e.g. Senate) as appropriate.

7. To ensure that the impact of academic resourcing decisions on other areas such as capital space and planning, professional and support services, commercial services and core academic infrastructure are considered and referred to other bodies as appropriate.

8. To consider annual national and international league table and ranking publications, reviewing the University’s position in terms of risks to reputation and funding mechanisms, and making recommendations or institutional action to improve the University position, regularly reviewing the impact of any changes.

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Reporting Structure

The Academic Resourcing Committee reports to the Senate and to the Council via the Finance and General Purposes Committee.

Any new or existing policy changes that ARC may be involved in will go through the Policy Oversight Group for a wider institutional discussion.

Click here to see a diagrammatic representation of the Committee Structure.

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Secretary: Adam Child (Academic Registrar)

Assistant Secretary: Assistant Registrar (Strategic Planning & Analytics Group)

Papers for consideration by the Academic Resourcing Committee should be submitted to the Secretary one week in advance of the meeting at which they are to be considered (ARCAdministrators at warwick dot ac dot uk).

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Dates of meetings of the Academic Resourcing Committee can be found within the University Committee Timetable.

Click here to access minutes of previous meetings.

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